Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - The Original Plush - White

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An oversized bedding blanket will keep you cozy warm on nights when you just want to hang around your room. For the look and feel of luxury, you’ll want to drape our Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket – The Original in White over your queen mattress dimensions, or create an accent to your bedroom décor by throwing this luxuriously soft blanket over a chair. Your design possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a gorgeous style once you have our super soft microfiber blanket in queen size to beautify your room. This softer than cotton queen bedding is thick to provide necessary warmth whenever you want to snuggle up on your queen size bed.

The durable microfiber construction makes this plush blanket the softest queen size bedding on the market. Whether you’re cuddled up in front of a cozy fireplace or watching movies while in your size queen bed, our Coma Inducer® queen size white blanket is a must have bedding addition to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. The ultra soft plush fabric will have you wishing you could carry around this extremely cozy white bed blanket with you wherever you go, so you can be wrapped up in the incredibly soft feel of our popular Coma Inducer® bedding day and night. A super soft blanket for those cozy nights on your queen bed, our cozy plush queen blanket is the bedding of your dreams that you won’t want to miss.

Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - The Original Plush - White

  • Size: Queen Bedding Blanket
  • Material: Ultra soft Microfiber
  • Construction: Extra warm and soft to keep you cozy warm
  • Important Information: Ultra soft and plush fabric that is true to its name
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