Bare Bottom® Duvet Cover - Twin XL Bedding Glacier Gray

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Introducing Bare Bottom® Bedding; Bedding Designed for Sleeping Naked. Bare Bottom® Comforters, Duvet Covers, and Sheet Sets are designed with a new, ultra cozy plush material that feels best when sleeping nude. Sleeping without clothes feels natural and comfortable with Bare Bottom® Bedding. Sleep Naked & Enjoy It!

That's right, nothing to be shy about here! Our Twin XL Bare Bottom® bedding is so comfortable we actual recommend that you sleep naked to get the full experience. You know how comfortable you feel in your favorite cozy and silky soft yoga shirt? That is the same feeling you get with our comfy Bare Bottom® brand! Made with a super plush microfiber that is infused with spandex, this insanely cozy Twin XL duvet cover will feel so great when added to your Twin XL sized bed.

Not only will this essential extra long Twin bedding item extend the comfort of your Twin extra long comforter, it will also look great while doing it! To start, this oversized Twin XL duvet cover has extra length and extra width to help properly encase your Twin XL comforter. If you have to shove and force your extra long Twin comforter into your Twin XL duvet cover you can easily end up with lumps in your Twin XL bedding that will instantly take away from the overall look of your Twin XL sized bed. This extended Twin XL comforter has enough room to fit your Twin XL size comforter, creating even extra long Twin bedding that looks fantastic! Not only that, this gray Twin extra long duvet cover also has the perfect color to match your bedroom decor!

Bare Bottom® Duvet Cover - Twin XL Bedding Glacier Gray

  • Size: Twin Bedding Duvet Cover - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: Plush microfiber infused with spandex - Designed for Sleeping Naked
  • Construction: A duvet cover so soft, constructed of yoga shirt material
  • Important Information: Includes Twin XL Duvet Cover and (1) Standard Sham
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