Terra é Pais - Hillside Terrace Throw Blanket

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Whether you are looking to upgrade the style of your living room or bedroom, a Twin XL sized throw blanket could be just what you need! With the right look, a fashionable throw blanket will be an important part of your home decor or bedroom decor. And with a unique design and soft colors, our Terra é Pais - Hillside Terrace Throw Blanket will add that perfect touch of style to any room in your home! This extra large Twin throw blanket is made up of lush green, neutral gray, and brownish tones to create a different appearance that does not overpower the rest of your room decor. On top of the pattern on this multicolor throw blanket, we've also added in fringe edging for even more style.

But while our Portugal made bedding displays unique style, there is even more that you will love about this European made Twin extra large blanket. Crafted in Portugal, this multicolor Twin XL bedding piece is made with high quality cotton. The quality of this cotton material not only makes this machine washable blanket soft, it also makes it feel like the high quality, reliable bedding that it is. The materials used to make this colorful XL Twin blanket are also textured, which will enhance the look and feel of this must-have bedroom decor piece!

Terra é Pais - Hillside Terrace Throw Blanket

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Blanket
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Textured Throw Blanket - Made in Portugal
  • Important Information: Beautiful soft muted colors to accent your room décor
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Terra é Pais - Hillside Terrace Throw Blanket
Terra é Pais - Hillside Terrace Throw Blanket

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