Yoga Pants - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Steel Gray

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Inspired by the thought of "What if you could turn your favorite clothing material into bedding"? That's exactly what we did to create our Yoga Pants Coma Inducer®. It started with a random trip to a famous athletic wear store where an employee was overheard saying "If I could turn these Yoga Pants into my bedding I would"... Wait, wait, wait a second. What did she say? At Coma Inducer®, we took those words to heart. Challenge Accepted! The quest to find the right material with the perfect amount of stretchy softness began. Comfy material once made for yoga / athleisure wear only is now proudly used to create the ultra soft to the touch Yoga Pants Coma Inducer®. The peachy soft yoga based material is on the bottom side that's against your skin, while the reverse side is cool to the touch Cationic microfiber that creates a textured décor for your top of bed. Pairing comfort and beauty (without trying too hard) is what our Yoga Pants brand is all about. This Coma Inducer® is an ideal summer comforter or a perfect year round comforter for warmer sleepers.

Just because you have a Twin or Twin XL size bed, does not mean that you should settle for less when it comes to your extra large Twin bedding! In fact, choosing a soft and cozy Twin oversized comforter can help make your Twin size bed more comfortable. For example, this Twin extra large bedding comforter set embodies everything we love about high quality bedding. And as a part of our Coma Inducer® designer bedding brand, our Yoga Pants - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Steel Gray is sure to exceed your expectations for plush Twin oversized bedding. Featuring a unique material that feels just like your favorite pair of luxury yoga pants, prepare for a night of Coma Worthy Sleep® as soon as you get snuggled up under this extra large Twin comforter set.

You may be wondering if this oversized Twin bedding set is only suitable for Twin size beds, or if it will fit on your Twin XL size bed too. Good news: with true Twin extra large comforter dimensions, this oversized Twin comforter set will fit on both Twin and Twin extra long size mattresses! And with an included matching dark gray pillow sham, this oversized Twin silky comforter set will cover every inch of your bed in zen-like bedding softness. Plus, in a relaxing dark color, this neutral Twin oversized gray bedding set will easily match any girl’s or guy’s bedroom decor. Don’t be surprised if you just want to nama-stay in bed all day with this addictively soft extra large Twin gray comforter set on your bed!
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Yoga Pants - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Steel Gray
Yoga Pants - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Steel Gray

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