Our Quality

“B” Your Bed started with a simple idea, to create a purposeful Bedding Brand based on Giving More.


Byourbed Oversized King 112" x 98"
Compared to Other Retailers 104" X 90"

Enjoy the Comfort and Look!

Beyond the Norm
Oversized Alaskan King: 160" X 160"

Our Queen is King sized and our King size is Really BIG. Customers seeking Queen size comforters (that actually fit) should not be forced to buy King size comforters. And customers seeking King size comforters shouldn't have a comforter that looks like it was made for a Queen bed. It’s ridiculous, right?! It's so backwards that even though Byourbed's comforters are sized to fit with proper overhang, we call our comforters oversized because the rest of the bedding industry likes tiny comforters. Not us! We are proud to tell you our Queen comforters are 94" x 98" and our King comforters average 112" x 98". Compared to 86" x 86" as the standard Queen size comforter and 104" x 90" being the industry standard King size comforter, you can rest assured knowing that Byourbed comforters have you covered. Did you know Byourbed got its start in making oversized comforters for the college dorm bedding industry in 2010? DormCo.com continues to provide oversized comforters for college students needing to outfit their Twin XL (oversized Twin) college beds. After serving the college community, it wasn’t long before parents expressed interest in oversized comforters for their own Queen and King beds. Finally, Byourbed launched in 2016, providing oversized comforters that were crafted for comfort, made with proper dimensions, and designed to look like the picture! Did you know that Byourbed created the largest retail ready comforter ever made? It’s true! When a prominent UFC Fighter requested we make a truly oversized comforter for his Alaskan King bed, we came through with the record setting 160” x 160” Snorze® Cloud Comforter. Now that’s Oversized!!


Coma Inducer®
Plush Cozy Softness

Bare Bottom®
Yoga Buttery Smooth

Made with Love, from Portugal
100% Cotton Goodness

So it's entirely possible to think, "Okay Byourbed, you added length for an oversized comforter, but what did you take away to save cost?" The answer is nothing! Giving more doesn't stop at size, Byourbed has also increased the level of softness! Our comforters and bedding can't just look good, they need to feel good, too. We are true to our tagline, ‘Bedding that Feels Good, Guaranteed’. There are varying ways to measure softness. Often, softness is measured in GSM or thread count; however there can be several forgotten factors. What's most notable is that our production often uses the same factories that produce the largest brand names you've certainly heard of. When we work with production for our unique, higher quality specifications we often have the same conversations - it starts with the factory saying, "but you really don't need a quality that high, Company X only goes to this average level with their material quality" and it ends with us (Byourbed) saying, "exactly, we aren't Company X, we need our softness and quality to be the best. We need to not seek ways to reduce our cost and quality, but instead seek ways to intentionally make our bedding the highest level of softness possible." It kind of reminds us of when we were kids and we'd say, “but everyone is doing it or everyone has that" and our parents would say "Well you aren't everyone". Same! Byourbed is not everyone. It would be tempting to have equally average quality if Byourbed wasn't so intent on creating the very best bedding experience for you, our customer.


More than Thickness
It's about the quality of the Fill

Natural Loft®
Designed to be Ultra Thick

Perfect Weight
Creates a Comfortable Sleep

Beyond softness, what goes into making a truly great comforter is its filling. For many comforters in the marketplace, the filling is an afterthought, just some basic, thin, maybe crunchy inner filling that checks a box. Not at Byourbed, where we are constantly trying to get the filling to be thicker. Whether we use standard polyester, down alternative, cotton, or real down and feathers, it's all made with a focus on more loft and thickness. Have you ever had a comforter that looked like it was on a diet? Or one that made you wonder how it could look so wimpy compared to the photo? Yeah... that's depressing and it hardly provides the cozy warmth needed for a great night's sleep. At Byourbed, we are filling fanatics. In fact, our "more thickness" mantra is taken so seriously that we won't even vacuum seal our comforters. Although it’s true that thicker comforters cost more for us to ship, it’s important that we don’t compromise quality. There would be no point in creating a thicker comforter with more loft only to use vacuum seal shipping techniques that don’t allow a comforter to ever truly regain form and loft. The concept of producing a comforter with More Filling, then smashing it to fit in a 10” x 10” box so that it comes out looking like Frankenstein, defies logic. How many weeks would you like to wait, hoping it returns to normal size? Byourbed’s dedication to filling integrity and thickness is truly one of our “more” cornerstones. You’ll never have to worry about a wimpy or smushed up comforter from Byourbed!


It's Time

to Become


Yes, comfort can be considered a combination of more size, more softness, and more filling, but to us here at Byourbed, it's even more than that. It's all about the details. Details like using a high quality pre-washed microfiber and filling with ultra loft for our Natural Loft® brand versus just standard materials. Or maybe it's about avoiding the use of a cheap sherpa material as the reverse side to our Coma Inducer® and instead using our luxurious feeling Bare Bottom® material. Or, in many cases, using the same material for the front and back of each comforter. After all, who wants a comforter with a top material that looks great to only discover the underside material that touches their skin is a material not even suitable for their pet! You see, comfort to Byourbed means so much more than just a word. Giving more comfort means finally giving you, our customer, the sleep you deserve. It means you finally get a bed that you look forward to each night. A bed that you don't want to leave in the morning. If we create bedding to our fullest intention, it means you finally get a place where you can literally "B" your bed. Achieved with the coziest of bedding so you are quite literally one with your bed. If you’ve never been obsessed with your bedding, it’s time to gain a healthy obsession. We start off as kids with a favorite blankie and we drift to adulthood with “just a comforter”. It’s time once again to experience the peace and serenity of More Comfort. You deserve great bedding!


We're a Cheaper Idea...

Luxury For Less...

All with No Coupon Games

After reading all the previous "Mores" it's easy to think Byourbed has now created an unaffordable bedding brand. You would think that more size, more softness, more filling, and more comfort equals more cost. And if you did think that, you'd actually be right. It does equal more cost; however, Byourbed has still found a way to make it More Affordable. Lean in to hear our secret… are you ready to know how we do it?! We'll whisper it because we are about to use the dreaded 'P' word... The answer is 'we take less profit'. There, we said it, ‘less profit'. We can only assume the word "profit" is so taboo because for far too long bedding brands have been built on inflated profit margins. It probably kills our competitors to see our quality and then see the prices we offer. It must drive them nuts! We’d apologize if we felt bad, but we are on a mission to offer Luxury for Less. The bedding industry is riddled with good marketing stories and the inflated retail costs to support the story. Instead of following inflated retail trends, Byourbed sets our pricing so reasonable that we don't even offer coupons. When your retail costs are truly as low as possible you don't have an extra 20%, let alone 10%, to kick around. Consistently fair and reasonable pricing is our everyday. When you read our reviews that say "better than I thought" or "exceeded expectations" that means Byourbed provides a far better than expected quality compared to our retail price. What a feeling to get something more affordable and better than what you imagined!

That little idea of Giving More drives everything we do. Byourbed is not satisfied with satisfactory or considering a product is good enough. Many nights we don’t sleep because we are thinking and dreaming of the ways we can help you, our customer, achieve Better Sleep.

Giving More started as an idea and now it’s a reality and the purpose behind “B” Your Bed. Thank you for joining us on our growth journey and allowing us to serve you. Your quest for the coziest, most comfortable, best sleep possible is our mission.


Whether you need it for warmth through the winter, or for a daily reminder to always have faith, our intention and mission is for our Crooked Line - Coma Inducer® Comforter to feel as though you are receiving a warm embrace from God. Should you know someone in need or how we can give or assist your community, please let us know.

Reach us at [email protected]