Bamboo Butter - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Nashville Nights

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Inspired by the combination of our silky soft bamboo material and our ultra cozy Better Than Butter Coma Inducer®. Call it a collab! Built for warmer sleepers and summer months, our Bamboo Butter is ultra soft, like what you'd expect from a Coma Inducer®, yet it's also lighter weight which provides that more cooling comfort. It's hard for us to not play matchmaker when we have two great materials and can imagine the insanely comfortable outcome of combining them. Our silky soft bamboo material is present in some of our Snorze® Brand Cloud Comforters and we thought about the name 'Snoring Butter'. Luckily, for this name we got straight to the point, no snoring sticks of butter here! Bamboo Butter is certainly going to make the list for best summer comforters for years to come!

At Byourbed, our bedding experts are always searching for the next best thing in high quality Twin XL bedding. Our Bamboo Butter - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Cooling Comforter - Nashville Nights is a great example of how we are willing to push the boundaries and try something new in our mission to create the softest, coziest Twin oversized bedding. With a unique combination of silky bedding materials, you feel like you are truly one with your bed thanks to this irresistibly plush Twin extra large comforter set. Once you feel like a melty stick of butter under this reversible Twin oversized comforter set, you are sure to experience Coma Worthy Sleep®.

Featuring our signature Better Than Butter fabric, this extra large Twin bedding set is addictively soft to the touch. And with a medium weight inner fill, this oversized Twin bedspread will keep you warm and cozy without overheating at night. Even if you are a hot sleeper, this extra large Twin comforter also features naturally breathable bamboo fabric that will feel comfortably cool against your skin. Thanks to an included matching pillow sham, even your head will be cradled by silky bamboo bedding. This oversized Twin bedding set achieves the perfect balance of softness and lightweight comfort, making it a must-have Twin extra large bedding essential for hot sleepers, warm climates, or anyone who loves cozy breathable Twin XL bedding all year long!
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