Bare Bottom® Duvet Cover - White

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Introducing Bare Bottom® Bedding; Bedding Designed for Sleeping Naked. Bare Bottom® Comforters, Duvet Covers, and Sheet Sets are designed with a new, ultra cozy plush material that feels best when sleeping nude. Sleeping without clothes feels natural and comfortable with Bare Bottom® Bedding. Sleep Naked & Enjoy It!

That's right, we're encouraging you to sleep naked, and once you feel the amazing comfort that comes with our Bare Bottom® bedding, you'll understand why. Such silky soft material feels great on bare skin, so just think of the luxury of adding that to your Twin XL, Queen, or King sized bed. Imagine the feeling of your favorite yoga imagine that feeling all over your body. Sounds awesome, right? The unique microfiber infused with spandex material makes this plush duvet cover a luxurious piece of bedding that will make your bedding incredibly comfortable.

The Bare Bottom® Duvet Cover - White will also give you piece of mind. White bedding looks clean and classic on any bed, and the allure it adds to your bedroom decor is undeniable. But eventually your white bedding can start to look dirty or dingy, and washing an oversized comforter can sometimes be a hassle. With this white duvet cover, you can now wash your Twin XL, Queen, or King bedding with ease! Duvet covers do not have the inner filling that comforters have, making them easier to machine wash. This allows you to wash your white Bare Bottom® duvet cover so you can keep enjoying its beautiful look and out of this world comfort.

Bare Bottom® Duvet Cover - White

  • Size: Choose Your Duvet Cover Size
  • Material: Plush microfiber infused with spandex - Designed for Sleeping Naked
  • Construction: A duvet cover so soft, constructed of yoga shirt material
  • Important Information: Includes Soft Duvet Cover and (1) or (2) Sham(s)
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