Winter Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Coastal Taupe

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Inspired by a readiness for the cold of winter. The Winter Thick Coma Inducer® was born in Buffalo, NY and, if there is one thing Buffalonians understand, it's being layered up for winter. Some people get 'winter thick' with extra coats and long underwear, while others literally thicken up by putting on extra pounds to ward off the cold. In Buffalo, NY, being unprepared for winter is simply not an option. Our Winter Thick Coma Inducer® is an instant barrier of warmth against the harsh realities of zero degrees with a negative twenty degree wind chill. Now, we here at Byourbed fully understand your bedroom is not this cold, but imagine the warmth and coziness provided by our "Winter Thick" plush comforter. You'll be snuggled up regardless of your partner's affinity for air conditioning or their desire to save on winter heating bills. Thicken up with Winter Thick Coma Inducer®!

In the dead of winter, sometimes the only thing you crave is to be relaxing on a tropical beach away from the chilly weather. Unfortunately, we can’t change the seasons and we aren’t a travel agency. However, with the Winter Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Coastal Taupe, you can be mentally transported to a relaxing beachside resort with this luxury Queen bedding set! This extra large Queen comforter set is made with such warm and cozy materials, as soon as you close your eyes and drift off to sleep you may dream that you’re lounging on a sandy coastline. A curly plush shag covers both sides of this oversized Queen bedspread, while two included matching pillow shams ensure you are covered head to toe in coziness. This supersized Queen comforter set is even stuffed with a thicker than average down alternative fill, so you can stay toasty warm even in the dead of winter.

And with true oversized dimensions, every inch of your bed will be covered in this irresistibly cozy Queen XL bedspread! Especially if you have a thick pillow top Queen mattress, you know how difficult it can be to find a Queen oversized comforter that properly fits your bed. Draping over the sides of your Queen size mattress, you will love how this Queen extra large comforter cascades to the floor for a stylishly oversized look that adds an upscale look to your bedroom decor. In a neutral sandy beige tone, this beachy Queen XL bedding set will easily match any style of bedroom interior design, whether you embrace the coastal vibes or prefer more eclectic or modern home decor trends. Although you may be stuck indoors during the snowy winter months, with the Winter Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Coastal Taupe you can create a little slice of paradise in your bedroom!
Winter Thick - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Coastal Taupe

  • Size: Queen Bedding Comforter - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: Luxury Plush
  • Construction: Thick 270GSM Inner Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Queen Comforter that is addictive in comfort
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