Blanketry - Coma Inducer® Light - Twin XL Blanket

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Inspired by one of our customers, Karen Lillie, who wrote to us saying, "I love our comforter! The only thing I’d be looking for is a nice and light summer comforter. You have soo many creative options, I have nothing to contribute as I feel like you’ve pretty much covered all bases in your varying lines of blanketry". After this message, we let Karen know that she just did contribute! We learned a new word that day... "Blanketry". Since there was one area of Blanketry we had not yet covered, we were inspired to name our line of lightweight, summer worthy blankets, 'Blanketry'. Made of lightweight sherpa fleece, our Blanketry is the magician of blankets. With a show-stopping combination of just enough warmth and not too much overheating you can use our Blanketry in a variety of places. Use it as your summer bedding blanket, oversized couch throw, or take it outdoors while camping or relaxing poolside! Blanketry cannot be boxed into just one kind of use! Resist the AC chill while avoiding the overly plush blanket sweat with our low priced, yet high quality Blanketry.

Do you seem to always crave the comfort of a blankie but feel like people will judge you for it? Adults can't have a blankie, it's too childish, isn't it? At Byourbed we say ABSOLUTELY NOT! Your blankie from your childhood was your constant companion and symbolized comfort and security and you don't grow out of the need of being comforted, do you? We say enjoy snuggling with a larger, more adult version of your favorite blankie and feel no shame, it's anyone who doesn't like comfort that's weird. And you can easily get that constant feeling of security with our Blanketry - Coma Inducer® Light - Twin XL Blanket!

Available in neutral colors, each of these machine washable blankets is made with some seriously soft plush. This luxury plush material is soft and cozy, perfect for snuggling, and will provide you with comfort anywhere you want in your home. This Twin XL sized blanket was designed to be extra lightweight, so you can really take it anywhere with you! Weighing approximately 1 lb, this portable blanket provides comfort in your bedroom or while you're lounging on the couch... you can even use it while lounging by the pool. If anyone thinks you're childish for your new blankie don't worry, we understand you and so does anyone that knows the importance of always being comfortable.
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