Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin Comforter - Are You Kidding - Frosted Orange

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Inspired by coziness that is so unbelievably soft and comforting, it reminds you of a warm hug from a good friend. At the core of this bedding set is our Chommie, a slang word for "friend", because it engulfs your body in hug-like comfort while you sleep. Combine this with plush comfort that fully wraps you up in bedding so cozy, it all begs the question "Are You Kidding?" An actual friend or partner couldn't possibly disperse the proper weight and warmth throughout the night, so this plush weighted comforter can't be real...right? It may feel like it, but this weighted comforter insert and plush bedding cover is no dream, it is the real deal! Joining luxurious silk-like plush fibers with the right amount of weight to soothe and snuggle you to sleep, this insanely cozy bedding set will help you enjoy the most soothing and peaceful Coma Worthy Sleep® possible.

Even though your Twin or extra long Twin bed isn't the biggest bed in the world doesn't mean that it can't have a huge impact when it comes to your bedroom decor. If you plan on making your Twin XL bedding set the focal point of your bedroom decor, we have the perfect XL Twin comforter insert and cover combo for you! With our Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin Comforter - Are You Kidding - Frosted Orange, you can add an explosion of color to the surface of your Twin or Twin extra long bed. This bright orange Twin XL comforter cover has a frosted white look that will add a unique hint of color to your bedroom decor and bedroom furniture, turning your whole bedroom into a positive place to be! But even though the look of this colorful Twin oversized bedspread is eye-catching and stylish, it isn't even the best part of this Twin XL bedding set.

This Twin extra large bedding set is crafted with the best in high quality bedding materials to create a one-of-a-kind Twin XL bedding experience. The orange XL Twin duvet cover portion of this Twin oversized bedspread set is made with ultra cozy plush for Twin XL bedding that has an incredibly soft touch. And for even more high end bedding comfort, this extra large Twin comforter set also includes a weighted Twin XL comforter insert. Crafted with actual oversized Twin bedding dimensions, this extra large weighted blanket is big enough for you to be fully covered, so you can really enjoy the soothing comfort of weighted XL Twin bedding that is filled with weighted and plush bedding materials.

Important Safety Note: Chommie Comforter is not recommended for children under the age of 12 due to the added weight and oversized nature of this comforter.

Care Instructions: Chommie Comforter is Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only. Removable Cover is Machine Washable.

Chommie Weighted Coma Inducer® Twin Comforter - Are You Kidding - Frosted Orange

  • Size: Twin Bedding Comforter - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: Thick, Wild Luxury Plush Removable Cover - Machine Washable
  • Construction: Chommie Weighted Comforter contains plush polyester with an inner glass bead fill
  • Important Information: Combines the plush softness of our Are You Kidding - Coma Inducer® Bedding with the weight of our Chommie Comforter. Twin XL insert weighs 17 lbs.
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