Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket

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Do you take your throw blanket selection process seriously? If you do, we don't think you're being picky, we think you're being smart! A soft plush throw blanket feels nice, but does it go with your home decor? What about function, will it be easy to curl up under your new throw blanket so you can enjoy that plush comfort? The best throw blanket needs to have three things: comfort, style, and the right size. Luckily, our Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket is the Holy Grail of XL throw blankets! Made with a super soft plush bedding material, this gray, navy blue, or black Twin XL sized throw blanket will definitely keep you nice and cozy when you have the urge to turn into a Couch Potato. And no need to worry, this is one comfy throw blanket that will look amazing in any room your place it in!

Our Holy bedding is special thanks to the unique knitted structure that gives it actual holes. Creating a unique textured appearance without messing with the comfortable plush softness, these are the actual holes you want in your machine washable blanket. So the style and the softness are perfect, but what about the size? Don't worry, this oversized throw blanket has you covered in that department as well! Made with extra long and extra wide throw blanket dimensions, this extra large blanket will actually cover up your feet. If you've experienced a too small throw blanket, you know what we mean. With this navy blue, black, or gray throw blanket, you can enjoy stylish looking room decor and plush comfort that actually covers you up!

Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Blanket - Oversized Throw (50" x 90")
  • Material: Ultra Plush (620GSM) Cozy Blanket by the makers of Coma Inducer® bedding
  • Construction: A super soft knit blanket that doesn't just look good, but feels good too!
  • Important Information: Cozy Potato® embodies what we all truly want to be... a warm little potato nestled on the couch with our hardest decision being what to watch on Netflix
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Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket
Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket
Cozy Potato® Holy Plush Throw Blanket

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