Crinkle 2PC Twin XL Duvet Set - Linen

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Our Crinkle Twin XL duvet cover sets help you give your Twin XL bed a look like no other! The deliberate crinkle pattern in this extra long Twin duvet cover creates a trendy look that will give you stylish Twin XL bedding. This Twin XL bedding set also comes complete with (1) matching pillow sham, so you can have more of this fashionable look. To give you even more of this unique style, this neutral linen Twin XL comforter comes with extra length and extra width.

Extended Twin XL bedding items like this Crinkle 2PC Twin XL Duvet Set - Linen are perfect for giving your Twin sized bed or Twin XL bed a comfortably full look. And the extra material of this neutral color Twin XL duvet cover will leave enough room to encase any sized Twin comforter without distorting it and ruining the comfort of it. This oversized Twin XL duvet cover will also help you protect your extra long Twin comforter. This comfortable, stylish, and essential Twin XL bedding item is crucial for your extra long Twin bed.

Crinkle 2PC Twin XL Duvet Set - Linen

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Duvet
  • Material: Polyester
  • Construction: Soft, Durable Duvet Set
  • Important Information: 2 Piece Set includes 1 Duvet Cover and 1 Sham
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