German Cotton European White Goose Down Twin Comforter - Oversized Twin XL Bedding

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Your Twin Comforter makes a huge difference in your quality of sleep. You need to have the proper levels of comfort and softness so you can sleep deeply and sleep throughout the whole night. You want to wake feeling refreshed and that begins with our German Cotton European White Goose Down Twin Comforter. This Twin Bedding essential will turn your Twin Bed into the luxurious environment you need for a quality night's sleep.

Our German Cotton European White Goose Down Twin Comforter was created with extra length and width so you have greater coverage of your bed for your bedroom decor and more to cover with at night. This extra length and width also allows this Twin Bedding essential to fit on a Twin XL Bed for an oversized Twin XL Comforter. This luxurious Twin XL Bedding essential has an incredibly soft outer cover of 100% German Cotton with a 269 Thread Count for the soft touch you need while the inner fill is thick for ultimate comfort at night. With a 850 Fill Power and 20 Ounce fill of European White Goose Down, this Twin XL Comforter will be the substantial, luxurious Twin XL Comforter you need for a comfortable quality night's sleep.

German Cotton European White Goose Down Twin Comforter

  • Size: Twin Bedding Comforter - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: 100% German Cotton
  • Construction: 269 Thread Count
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 100% Cotton Outter Shell - (See specifications for more detail)
  • Important Information: 20 Oz Fill, 90% European White Goose Down, 850 Fill Power
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