Like Butta - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Folkstone Gray

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Inspired by butter. Yes, rich, creamy butter. Oddly enough, thoughts of lying in a smooth pool of soft (not melted) butter gives an impression of cozy softness. That's what Like Butta™ embodies. A soft, silky plush feel that is literally "Like Butta." Coma Inducer® strives to push the dimensions of comfort. Relying on more than just touch, Coma Inducer® comfort fully evokes your sense of what soft plush bedding could be... Like Butta will bring you to that dream-like state.

But it isn't just the outer plush material of this King extra large comforter that makes it as comfy as warm, soft butter. The thick inner fill of our Like Butta - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Folkstone Gray makes it feel like the warm comfort is molding to your body. This type of comfort will almost make you feel as if you have become one with your King bed, which is exactly what we are trying to achieve with our cozy King extra large bedding! It also helps that this oversized plush King comforter feels so smoothly soft as it adds to the comfort you feel when snuggling up with this ultra cozy King bedspread. And, to make sure you really get the full experience of comfortable luxury plush King bedding, this extra large King comforter set also comes with two King sized pillow shams that are made with the same soft plush material.

The comfort level of your King extra large bedding is extremely important, but we don't want you to feel forced to pick a plush King comforter for your King bed based on comfort alone. Luckily, this gray King oversized comforter also has the perfect look to go along with its high quality comfort, so you can enjoy a King bedding essential that looks and feels great! Gray King bedding is easy to match, so this neutral gray King extra large comforter and gray King pillow shams will go along with whatever bedroom decor you have in your bedroom. This style of this oversized gray King comforter will meld with your bedroom decor just like the luxury comfort will help you meld with your King pillow top mattress.

Like Butta - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Folkstone Gray

  • Size: King Bedding Comforter - Oversized King XL
  • Material: Luxury Plush
  • Construction: Thick 270GSM Inner Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick King Comforter that is addictive in comfort
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