White Lace King Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL - Rose Quartz

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An oversized King duvet cover is the perfect King bedding accessory. Adding an extra large King duvet cover to your King comforter will instantly upgrade the style and comfort of your King bedding, but that isn't all. With protective King duvet covers like our White Lace King Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL - Rose Quartz, you'll also be keeping your oversized King comforter safe from harm. This machine washable King XL duvet cover is made with soft cotton and it will help keep your King bedding essentials clean and fresh. And when you feel this soft King duvet cover and see how it looks on your King size bed, you'll want to keep it around as long as possible.

The soft material of this cotton King duvet cover will encase your cozy King comforter in extra King bedding comfort. This soft exterior is perfect, since you won't want to add King bedding to your King bed that isn't as comfortable as your true oversized King comforter. And with an extraordinary look, this white and pink King duvet cover will also do wonders for your bedroom decor. Decorated with a delicate white lace pattern for ultimate style and a pink backdrop to beautifully accent your bedroom decor and bedroom furniture. Everything about this one of a kind pink and white King XL duvet cover will make you glad for its extended size.

White Lace King Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL - Rose Quartz

  • Size: King Bedding Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Duvet cover designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: Features White Lace details
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