Coma Inducer® King Duvet Cover - Are You Kidding? - Royal Blue/White

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Inspired by untamed coziness that is so soft and plush that it begs the question "Are You Kidding?" Seriously... you wrap yourself up and you know a comfort level this high makes you think it can't be real. It must be a dream. No bedding can feel this good, right? Or can it? With long silk-like, luxurious fibers that seemingly engulf your skin in a cradle of comfort, you just know that you've found the very best with "Are You Kidding®" brand Comforters, Duvet Covers, Sheets and Blankets.

And since our Coma Inducer® King Duvet Cover - Are You Kidding? - Royal Blue/White is made with this insane amount of comfort, it may take you awhile to accept the high level of comfort that you have added to your King sized bed. Okay, maybe not awhile, normally when you get over the initial shock of disbelief you quickly accept the luxuriously cozy feel of our Are You Kidding Coma Inducer® King bedding. And once you believe that your King XL bedding can be so incredibly soft, you'll fall in love! Since this King oversize duvet cover is designed to encase your cozy XL King comforter, you want the comfort level to be perfect. Fortunately, this luxury plush white and blue extra large King duvet cover will provide the perfect layer of comfort on your King sized bed. This machine washable King oversize duvet cover is so soft and cozy, you'll probably only take it off when it is time to throw it in the wash.

We know that the comfort of our super soft Coma Inducer® Are You Kidding King XL bedding can be addicting, which is why we make sure the style of our King duvet covers is also at a higher level. Since this blue and white King extra large duvet cover will be the focal point of your bedroom decor, it needs to have one of a kind style that will stand out. As if the burst of royal blue on the front of this colorful King XL duvet cover wasn't enough, the plush material of this unique oversized King duvet cover will also help it make an impact on your bedroom decor. The front side of this plush XL King duvet cover is made up of wild, silk-like fibers that will give your King bedding decor an untamed, furry appearance. The combination of appealing color and thick plush creates the perfect look for any bedroom!

Coma Inducer® King Duvet Cover - Are You Kidding? - Royal Blue/White

  • Size: King Bedding Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL
  • Material: Thick, Wild Luxury Plush
  • Construction: A super plush duvet cover designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: Includes King Duvet Cover
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