Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - The Original Plush - Frosted Cobalt

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Inspired by the goal to create bedding so undeniably comfortable that you are unable to leave your bed. Physically not being able to get out of bed is the sole mission of our original Coma Inducer® plush comforters. Imagine a bedding comforter so plush and cozy that you are literally unable to move.... not because you can't, but because you won't! To be unwilling to start your day because your bed feels too good is the ultimate compliment and purpose of our Original Coma Inducer®. Made of soft, plush 330 GSM fluffy heaven, our Original Coma Inducer® has sparked a bedding brand that embodies and represents the ultimate in bedding comfort.

When your Twin XL, Full XL, Queen XL, or King XL bedding needs a refresh, we have the solution! Well, if you look through our online bedding site, we have actually have many cozy comforter solutions, so we're here to help you choose the perfect oversized comforter for your extra large Twin, Full, Queen, or King bedding set. The wide variety of bedding materials and colors you can choose from can seem overwhelming, so if you want an easy answer, it's the Original Plush Coma Inducer®! Made with the warm and cozy plush that started it all, the Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - The Original Plush - Frosted Cobalt is one of the best pieces of plush bedding you could get for your bed.

Not only is the plush bedding material ultra soft, but it will also ensure that you stay warm and cozy all night long. This luxury plush combined with a thick inner will and true oversized bedding dimensions will fully surround you with the best in Twin, Full, Queen, or King bedding comfort. This medium weight plush comforter also has a luxurious look that will add a real cozy vibe to your bedroom. Plus, the trendy cool tone blue and white frosted specks of this extra long and extra wide Twin, Full, Queen, or King comforter adds simple style to your cozy bedding set that will still have an impact on your bedroom decor.

Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - The Original Plush - Frosted Cobalt

  • Size: Choose Your Comforter Size
  • Material: Soft, Luxury Plush in Frosted Cobalt
  • Construction: Thick 280 GSM Inner Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick comforter that will update your cozy bedroom
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