Basic Zone Egg Crate Full Topper

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It can be difficult to find just the right sleeping position when your worn out full size bedding mattress puts stress on the pressure points of your body. A Basic Zone Egg Crate Full Topper is an easy solution to get a restful night’s sleep. Simply place this bed topper under your full size soft sheets for discreet support. It will disperse your body weight and reduce stress on pressure points while resting on full size bedding mattress dimensions.

The five zones were specifically designed for full size bedding to cradle your body. This topper has two rippled zones that provide gentle support for your head and feet, even while your head rests on a comfortable standard size pillow. The two wave zones of the full size bedding topper will perfectly support your legs and shoulders. The central coil zone provides ultimate support for your back and torso with a 1 lb. foam density at the core of this full size foam topper. Enjoy extra comfort at night on soft and cozy full size bedding with a full size foam topper.

Basic Zone Egg Crate Full Topper

  • Size: Full Bedding Topper
  • Material: Foam
  • Construction: Made in the USA - 5 zones for weight dispersion, 1 lb. Density
  • Important Information: Zoned Foam Topper reduces stress on pressure points for ultimate comfort
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