Chommie - The Oversized Weighted Twin XL Comforter - Alloy

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Inspired by all humans needing a warm hug from a friend, Chommie, a slang word for "friend", brings your body a complete hug-like comfort while you sleep. Where an actual friend or partner couldn't possibly disperse the proper weight and warmth distribution the whole night, our Chommie Weighted Comforter can. This oversized gravity style comforter provides the right amount of weight to soothe and snuggle you for a superior night's sleep no matter what your hectic, possibly anxiety filled day has brought you. Chommie represents weighted comfort and a safe sleeping place for you to rest your head each night.

If you find that you have trouble relaxing on your Twin or Twin XL bed at the end of the day, a weighted blanket could be just what you need. Weighted blankets provide the right amount of calming pressure that will help you feel comfortable on your Twin or XL Twin sized bed, helping your stress and worries melt away so you can enjoy nights that are full of peaceful sleep. And if you want to enjoy the absolute best in weighted blanket comfort, choose our Chommie™ - The Oversized Weighted Twin XL Comforter - Alloy! This oversized Twin weighted blanket has unique elements of comfort that take it from just a standard regular blanket, to an ultra cozy Twin extra large weighted comforter.

To start, the extended Twin bedding dimensions on this weighted gray Twin oversized comforter will fully cover your Twin or Twin XL bed in weighted comfort, applying reassuring pressure to every inch of your Twin or Twin extra long bed. This relaxing comfort is possible thanks to the stitched construction of this 17 pound extra large Twin weighted comforter. Evenly distributing the weight of the glass bead inner fill, this gray oversized weighted XL Twin comforter is also filled with comfy polyester to increase the coziness of your Twin XL bedding. Using oversized dimensions and the best in soft and cozy Twin extra large bedding materials, this microfiber XL Twin weighted comforter will upgrade the reassuring comfort you get from a standard weighted blanket, making it an essential part of your XL Twin bedding!

Important Safety Note: Chommie Comforter is not recommended for children under the age of 12 due to the added weight and oversized nature of this comforter.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only

Chommie - The Oversized Weighted Twin XL Comforter - Alloy

  • Size: Twin Bedding Comforter - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: Supersoft Microfiber
  • Construction: Each baffle box interior contains plush polyester with an inner glass bead fill
  • Important Information: Twin XL Comforter has a weight of 17 lbs.
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