Aqua/Alloy Twin Comforter - Oversized Twin XL Bedding

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If you want to explore bringing a little bit of color into your personalized bedroom interior design, a reversible Twin oversized comforter is a great option! You can dive into bright blue or choose to play it safe with neutral gray thanks to the Aqua/Alloy Twin XL Comforter. Featuring one side of soothing aqua blue for an eye-catching style and a reverse side of modern Alloy gray for a neutral chic look, either side of this versatile Twin XL bedspread will make a statement. Better yet, this one of a kind Twin extra large comforter will make you feel like you are getting two separate Twin oversized comforters for the affordable cost of one.

Beyond a satisfying color scheme and economical price, this light blue and cool gray oversized Twin bedding is made with softer than cotton microfiber and a thick 280 GSM inner fill so you’ll be comfortable no matter which color you want to display! These high quality bedding materials don’t have to break the bank and will keep you warm and cozy night after night. The soft touch of the Aqua/Alloy Twin XL Comforter just goes to show that you can have stylish and satisfying Twin extra large bedding at an inexpensive cost.

Aqua/Alloy Twin XL Comforter

  • Size: Twin Bedding Comforter - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: Microfiber with softer than cotton feel
  • Construction: Thick 280 GSM Inner Fill
  • Important Information: Reverses from Aqua to Alloy
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