Icing Queen Duvet Cover - Oversized Queen XL - White

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Your choice in essential Queen bedding is the perfect chance to make an impact on your bedroom decor. Being the center of attention in your bedroom, your Queen size bed can really make a statement with the right Queen bedding decor like a decorative Queen XL duvet cover. And if you want the perfect Queen duvet cover that has a gorgeous pop of style that won't fully overpower the rest of your bedroom decor, we have the perfect piece of Queen bedding for you! Our Icing Queen Duvet Cover - Oversized Queen XL - White will add a beautiful look to your Queen sized bed that will make it stand out in your bedroom without clashing with your bedroom decor. This easy to match white Queen duvet cover features a one of a kind design of rose gold rhinestones. These pretty rose gold rhinestones are scattered across the front of this must have Queen duvet cover to give you a truly stylish Queen bedding item.

And since this Queen duvet cover is designed to go over your Queen oversize comforter, a fashionable look is necessary to help with your bedroom decor. This oversized Queen duvet cover is also made with extra length and extra width, so that it can easily encase a Queen XL comforter with no bunching! This is especially important as your Queen duvet cover should add to the comfort of your soft Queen bedding, not take away from it. And since this essential Queen duvet cover is made with 100% cotton, it will add even more to your comfy Queen bedding! Add on the matching Icing Standard Sham in white for the perfect look for your Queen size bed.

Icing Queen Duvet Cover - Oversized Queen XL - White

  • Size: Queen Bedding Duvet Cover - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Duvet cover designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: Features beautiful rose gold rhinestone details
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