Lamb's Ear - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Icy Gray

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Inspired by Coma Inducer's love for all things soft and names that have a double meaning. Lamb's Ear is both a cute and cuddly sheep's ear and a velvety soft fuzzy plant. Which one did you think of when you first saw our Lamb's Ear Coma Inducer® name? Either way, you can't be wrong because both the animal ear and the plant version are a solid representation of Coma Inducer's quest to create the ultimately soft oversized plush comforter that is Lamb's Ear. Made of 400GSM supersoft thick plush that reverses to a peach-like fuzz micro plush, our Lamb's Ear will quickly satisfy your need for cozy. Whether you'll be counting sheep or starting a new trend of counting fuzzy leaves, you'll still get that cozy warm sleep that you crave.

While we do have a passion for plush bedding, we also make it a point to create unique Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL bedding sets that also add extra style to your bedroom décor. If you want your extra large Twin, Queen, or King bedding to look unique and to complete your bedroom décor, then our Lamb's Ear - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Icy Gray is perfect for your bedroom! The true oversized comforter and standard or King pillow shams in this Twin, Queen, or King plush comforter set have a one-of-a-kind design that will turn your Twin XL, Queen, or King sized bed into the focal point of your bedroom décor. Swirls of multicolor tones ranging from gray to green create a trendy pattern that you're sure to enjoy whenever you're relaxing in your bedroom.

Of course, the look of your Twin, Queen, or King oversized bedding set is important, but that isn't going to help you sleep at night. Luckily, we made this extra large Twin, Queen, or King plush comforter set to be extra cozy, too! The reverse side of short plush feels great against your skin and the top side of insanely soft plush just increases the comfort and softness of your extra large Twin, Queen, or King bedding essentials. Best of all, the true extra large nature of this plush oversized comforter means that you get to fully surround yourself with such high quality comfort, making it easy to get cozy and enjoy restful sleep each and every night.

Lamb's Ear - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Icy Gray

  • Size: Choose Your Comforter Size
  • Material: Thick, 400GSM Supersoft Plush reversing to Peach-like Fuzz Micro Plush
  • Construction: 280GSM Inner Polyester Fill for a Cozy Comfort
  • Important Information: Luxury bedding set features swatches of color with a solid underside to add dimension to your bedroom décor
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