Coma Inducer® - Queen Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Navy

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Inspired by what we all crave... Comfort! To be comfortable is to be at peace. To be able to say "Me Sooo Comfy®" is to be able to truly lose yourself in our coziest coral fleece bedding. There is no substitution for comfort! Me Sooo Comfy® makes you want to cuddle up and stay home. When your friends are heading out on a Friday night and ask you to come, just text them back and say "Can't Make it..... Me Sooo Comfy." They'll understand!

Warm chicken soup and cozy queen size bedding are the only things that sound good when a cold or the flu takes you temporarily out of commission. Me Sooo Comfy Queen Sheets – Navy will have you warm, cozy and getting better in no time. These queen size sheet set is the perfect alternative to heavier weight bedding for those who like warmth, but not a lot of heavy, fussy bedding. Snuggle between these luxuriously soft sheets underneath a queen size comforter for added soft, cozy warmth to warm up cold toes and fingers.

Microfiber coral fleece is what gives this queen bedding sheet set its signature style. Even the standard size pillowcases are made of washable microfiber coral fleece. Queen size bedding comfort never felt or looked so good on your queen size mattress. Look for other colors in this softer than soft queen size sheet set to match your bedroom decor.

Coma Inducer® - Queen Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Navy

  • Size: Queen Bedding Sheets
  • Material: Microfiber Coral Fleece
  • Construction: Coral Fleece with 250 GSM Fabric Weight
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results: 300.5 GSM
  • Important Information: Luxuriously soft sheets add comfort to your bedding and add to your bedroom decor
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Coma Inducer® - Queen Sheet Set - Me Sooo Comfy - Navy

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