Menopleasing - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Cooling Comforter - White

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Inspired by none other than that time in a woman's life known as Menopause. Now, before you laugh or stop reading, allow us to explain. Like all Coma Inducer® names there is logic to our Menopleasing brand, too. The idea actually came from one of our Coma Inducer® customers, Beth Rood. Beth, like many of you, loved her first Coma Inducer® purchase. However, Beth had one problem, the extreme warmth of our Coma Inducer® wasn't exactly ideal for women with night sweats (aka the dreaded M word). The idea was if we could make a comfortably cooling Coma Inducer® that worked for Beth (and fellow M word women) then we could solve the need for everyone else that sleeps warm. We've heard from many of you about how your husbands sleep warm or how that 90 degree summer heat leads you to crave cooling relief. By creating our Menopleasing Coma Inducer® comforter, we've also created the best comforter for summer. Finally, a Coma Inducer® that provides coziness without the warmth. Made with a 100% cotton filling.... yes, cotton filling (that's rare!) and a silky smooth Bamboo outer material, there is no better comforter to help escape the summer heat (or your body's natural changes) than our Menopleasing Coma Inducer®.

When you are looking for a summer King oversized comforter set, you are most likely considering the fill weight and breathability of bedding materials. However, you should also be thinking about the size of your new King extra large summer bedding set! If your all season King oversized bedspread is too small for your King size mattress, you won’t look forward to bedtime. Thankfully, our Menopleasing - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Cooling Comforter - White is crafted with the same oversized King comforter dimensions that made our Coma Inducer® luxury bedding brand famous. With true extra large King bedding dimensions, every side of even the thickest pillow top King or California King mattress will be covered in soothing summer bedding coziness.

And in a pure white color, this neutral oversized King bedding set will easily match any style of bedroom decor. But it is the irresistibly soft bedding materials that are sure to make you fall in love with every inch of this extra large King summer comforter set. Featuring silky bamboo on both sides, this all season King oversized comforter set is soft-to-the-touch and naturally cooling. And filled with plush breathable cotton, this King extra large bedding set has a comforting embrace that won’t trap your body heat. With this combination of cooling bamboo and lightweight cotton, this extra large King comforter will keep you cool and comfortable all summer long!
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Menopleasing - Coma Inducer® Oversized Cooling King Comforter - White
Menopleasing - Coma Inducer® Oversized Cooling King Comforter - White
Menopleasing - Coma Inducer® Oversized Cooling King Comforter - White

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