Glacier Gray/Yucca Queen Comforter - Oversized Queen XL Bedding

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Does a beautiful Queen comforter top your Queen bedding essentials list? Your Queen size bed will most likely be the focal point in your bedroom, so don't be worried about being selective when it comes to finding the right Queen bedding! At Byourbed, we know that comfort is always important for your Queen bedding, but that doesn't mean that style needs to take a back seat. And if you've been shopping around, you might have found that oftentimes when it comes to a Queen comforter, comfort plus style equals high costs. We don't think it should be that way! If you want luxuriously comfortable and highly stylish Queen bedding, you should be able to find it at a low price here.

We aim to offer you Luxury for Less, and if you like beautiful and comfortable Queen bedding, why not take a look at our Glacier Gray/Yucca Queen Comforter - Oversized Queen XL Bedding? This pretty Queen comforter features a stitched diamond pattern over your choice of backdrop. That's right, display the pretty yucca green color or switch this reversible Queen oversize comforter to the stylish gray side. And you can always fold the top of your one-of-a-kind Queen comforter back, giving your Queen bedding a little peek of gray to easily match your bedroom decor or a pop of yucca green to add some color to your bedroom. The (2) matching pillow shams that come with this Queen comforter set also display the two stylish colors. With so many different options you can constantly switch up your Queen size bed, all for one low cost!

Glacier Gray/Yucca Queen Comforter

  • Size: Queen Bedding Comforter - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: Microfiber with softer than cotton feel
  • Construction: Thick 280 GSM Inner Fill
  • Important Information: Reverses from glacier gray to yucca
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