Natural Loft® Twin XL Comforter - Orange

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Inspired by pure over indulgence. Designed around the concept of over-the-top comfort, Natural Loft® combines every element you would want in a comforter. Starting with the outer material, a pre-washed microfiber that gives new meaning to the term 'perfection'... it is impossible to touch this material and not have your expectations exceeded. Next, the inner filling, a 400 GSM ultra thick, yet light and cozy, down alternative filling that provides that highly sought after combination of warmth without over-heating. Natural Loft's thickness is not embellished in our photos. This cloud-like ultra-thick comforter, although machine washable, is sometimes too large to fit in home sized washing machines. For this reason the product is designed with the outer pre-washed microfiber cover being removable and machine washable - which is essential to keeping your bedding clean and refreshed. All three elements; cozy soft outer material, thick plush inner filling, and practical removable cover combine in comforter perfection to create: Natural Loft®.

At Byourbed, we are dedicated to providing you with a selection of designer Twin extra large comforters that will exceed our expectations for plush Twin XL bedding. And crafted with high quality bedding materials inside and out, every inch of our Natural Loft® Twin XL Comforter - Orange is designed for those who are truly obsessed with finding the softest, most comfortable oversized Twin bedding possible. This extra large Twin comforter set features a silky prewashed cover, crafted with some of our softest microfiber bedding materials ever. And with a thicker than average Twin oversized comforter insert, both pieces of this Twin XL luxury comforter set are sure to satisfy your cravings for cozy extra large Twin bedding.

Of course, to be worthy of consideration for your new bedroom decor, your next Twin extra large bedding set also has to embody a designer-quality style. And if you are looking for a bold addition to your colorful bedroom interior design, look no further. Featuring a rich orange color, this bright Twin oversized bedding set will make a statement when it is draped across your Twin or Twin XL size bed. Plus, thanks to an included matching orange pillow sham, coordinating the rest of your Twin XL bedding accessories will be a breeze! You won’t regret indulging in luxury Twin XL bedding once you are snuggled up under this must-have extra large Twin bedspread set.

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Natural Loft® Twin XL Comforter - Orange
Natural Loft® Twin XL Comforter - Orange
Natural Loft® Twin XL Comforter - Orange

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