Coma Inducer® Twin XL Sheets - The Original Plush - White

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Inspired by the goal to create bedding so undeniably comfortable that you are unable to leave your bed. Physically not being able to get out of bed is the sole mission of our original Coma Inducer® plush sheet sets. Imagine bedding sheets so plush and cozy that you are literally unable to move.... not because you can't, but because you won't! To be unwilling to start your day because your bed feels too good is the ultimate compliment and purpose of our Original Coma Inducer®. Made of cozy, plush 330 GSM silky soft heaven, our Original Coma Inducer® has sparked a bedding brand that embodies and represents the ultimate in bedding comfort.

Sometimes simplicity is key, especially when it comes to decorating your XL twin size bed with beautiful bedding. The blank white slate of our Coma Inducer® Twin XL Sheets – The Original in White provides a clean surface to create a minimal design with your oversized twin XL bed sheet set. The gorgeous sheen surface of our cozy plush XL twin sheet set enhances your twin XL bed décor for an irresistible style and sophistication from Byourbed. Your new favorite super soft bedding in white will fit in with any décor style, making this twin XL bedding set a versatile and stylish addition in your room.

Though white is reminiscent of snow and winter, you can be rest assured that our extra long twin sheets are the coziest bedding sheets to cover your twin XL size bed dimensions. These white oversized twin XL sheets are the warmest sheets that you can place on your twin XL size bed due to the incredibly plush construction. This super plush sheet set includes a white fitted sheet, extra long twin flat sheet, and cozy standard pillowcase to make sure your entire bed dimensions are surrounded in the best Twin XL bedding. Transform your sleeping experience and doze off with our Coma Inducer® XL twin sheets in white.

Coma Inducer® Twin XL Sheets - The Original Plush - White

  • Size: Twin XL Bedding Sheets
  • Material: Luxury Plush
  • Construction: Each piece in the Twin XL Sheet Set is durably made with thick plush material for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Twin XL Sheets that are addictive in comfort
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