Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King

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Who wouldn't want to cover their King size bed with the best King bedding around? If you are looking for luxurious King bedding that will also upgrade the style of your bedroom decor then you've come to the right place! Our one of a kind Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King is a quick way to increase the comfort of your soft King bedding while also adding to the style of your bedroom decor. This affordable King duvet cover will do all of this while also protecting your oversized King comforter from outside harm. Designed with a button closure to fully encase your King XL comforter, this machine washable King duvet cover can be easily cleaned to keep your King bedding looking and feeling its best!

This high quality King duvet cover comes in a variety of colors, from easy to match tones to more exciting and eye catching colors, just choose the perfect color for your bedroom decor and watch the style of your bedroom really come out. But what really makes this must have King oversize duvet cover so desirable is it's intense comfort. Our King Natural Loft® bedding is made with the highest of quality in mind, and no matter what color you choose, this Natural Loft® King duvet cover is no exception. Made with the softest pre-washed microfiber material, you'll love the amazing comfort this cozy King duvet cover will add to your soft King bedding. High quality King bedding that also has luxurious comfort that allows you to feel at one with your King bed at an affordable price is what Byourbed's mission of Luxury for Less is all about!

Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King

  • Size: King Bedding Duvet Cover - Oversized King XL
  • Material: Insanely Soft Pre-Washed Microfiber
  • Construction: Duvet cover with button closures designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: A cover designed around every specification being done at a higher level
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Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King
Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King
Duvet Cover - Natural Loft® King

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