Puts This To Sleep® - Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - Burgundy

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Inspired by what a Coma Inducer® will literally do to you. Puts This To Sleep originally had a donkey-related expletive in there, however we need to be PG for our sellers and any younger fans. We also can't deny this specially named Coma Inducer® was inspired by a customer's TikTok post (@childish_ashilo) that referenced her Coma Inducer® as "Put This @$$ To Sleep". Childish Ashlio was referencing the Baby Bird version but, from this, the "Puts This To Sleep" inspiration was born. We set out to create one of our coziest, most plush Coma Inducers that could live up to such a name! We think we did it!! If sleep is what you are seeking, then let our oversized lion faux fur 540 GSM Puts This To Sleep Coma Inducer® allow you to drift off into a Coma Worthy Slumber!

Is your Queen bedding set missing something? If you have a comfortable Queen mattress, soft Queen sheets, and a cozy Queen plush comforter, it can be hard to think of that one piece of Queen bedding that can make it all feel cozier. If you want to take the coziness of your Queen bedding set over the top, just add a plush Queen blanket into the mix! Cozy by itself or when you use it with your Queen oversized bedspread, a comfy Queen bedding blanket is the perfect way to upgrade your Queen bedding comfort. And if you really want to enhance your comfortable Queen bedding, you can't go wrong with our Puts This To Sleep - Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - Burgundy!

Made with super soft plush materials on the top and reverse side, every inch of this extra large Queen blanket will feel incredible as part of your Queen bedding set. This machine washable Queen blanket is also easy to care for, so you can keep enjoying the plush comfort that it adds to your Queen size bed. And besides being the perfect fit when it comes to the comfort of your Queen bedding, this plush Queen blanket is also designed to add a little extra style to your bedroom decor. The look of this rich, deep burgundy Queen blanket will add unique color to your Queen comforter set that will easily help your Queen bedding become the focal point of your bedroom decor and bedroom furniture.

Puts This To Sleep - Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - Burgundy

  • Size: Queen Bedding Blanket
  • Material: 100% Lion Plush
  • Construction: Reverse side features our Me Sooo Comfy® material
  • Important Information: A beautiful burgundy color to accent your room décor
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Puts This To Sleep - Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - Burgundy
Puts This To Sleep - Coma Inducer® Queen Blanket - Burgundy

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