Puts This To Sleep® - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Emerald Gray

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Inspired by what a Coma Inducer® will literally do to you. Puts This To Sleep originally had a donkey-related expletive here, however we need to be PG for our sellers and any younger fans. We also can't deny this specially named Coma Inducer was inspired by a customer's TikTok post (@childish_ashlio) that referenced her Coma Inducer as "Puts This @$$ To Sleep." Childish AshLio was referencing the Baby Bird version but, from this, the "Puts This To Sleep" inspiration was born. We set out to create one of our coziest, most plush Coma Inducers that could live up to such a name! We think we did it!! If sleep is what you are seeking, then let our oversized lion faux fur 540 GSM Puts This To Sleep Coma Inducer® allow you to drift off into a Coma Worthy Slumber!

Since it will take up a lot of space in your bedroom, there is no reason not to include your Twin XL, Queen, or King sized bed in your bedroom décor style! With so many trendy bedding options out there, you can find the perfect color and design for your bedroom décor. Even an oversized comforter with a solid color can have a huge impact in the appearance of your bedroom, just take a look at the Puts This To Sleep® - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Emerald Gray! This extra large Twin, Queen, or King plush comforter has a unique color that perfectly accents your bedroom décor and even your bedroom furniture.

While the look of this green comforter set with a slight hint of gray is enough to make you glad you added it to your XL Twin, XL Queen, or XL King bedding set, what you'll really love is the high quality comfort that it adds to your bedroom. Combining two ultra cozy plush bedding materials and a thick and cozy inner fill, this machine washable Twin, Queen, or King extra large comforter adds a soft touch that will keep you cuddled up in warmth all night long. Best of all, you get even more plush comfort thanks to the extra long and extra wide bedding dimensions of this oversized Twin, Queen, or King Comforter!

Puts This To Sleep - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Emerald Gray

  • Size: Choose Your Comforter Size
  • Material: Luxurious Lion Plush, reversing to our super soft Me Sooo Comfy® coral fleece
  • Construction: Thick 280GSM Inner Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, plush comforter set that will upgrade the cozy level of your bedroom
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Extra Long and Extra Wide Twin, Queen, or King Oversized Bedspread Made with Ultra Soft Bedding Materials
Luxury Plush Bedding Set Made with Extended Twin, Queen, or King Bedding Dimensions for Twin, Queen, or King Sized Beds
Trendy Emerald Gray Twin XL, Queen XL, or King XL Bedding Essentials for Unique Bedroom Decor Style

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