RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King

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RE-DUCE® by definition is environmentally conscious down bedding. Made in Hungary with 100% reprocessed down, RE-DUCE® takes what was destined for a landfill and makes it new, creating purified and reclaimed down bedding excellence.

Byourbed, founded in Buffalo, NY, understands cold weather and the hard working attitude needed to prevent waste. Together, these qualities inspired RE-DUCE®
as the leading brand in repurposed, high quality down bedding luxury.

Revitalized Down
Revitalized Planet
Revitalized Sleep

Made with high quality King bedding materials for the most luxurious sleep ever, our RE-DUCE­® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King will
make you truly love the comfort of your cozy King size bed. And since this high quality comfort is made from recycled Hungarian down and feathers, this oversized King down comforter is also environmentally conscious! Purified to provide you with clean XL King bedding, this revitalized King extra large comforter will also help you to feel rejuvenated after you spend a night snuggled up underneath it. Undergoing a rigorous cleaning process guarantees that the repurposed Hungarian down and feathers that make up the inner fill of this extra large down King comforter are of the highest quality, ensuring extremely luxurious King bedding.

Made with the highest standards in hygiene and humanely sourced, this extra large King down comforter is also made to exceed expectations when it comes to comfort. This 600 Fill Power oversized King down comforter is crafted to provide you with the best comfort on your King bed. And to make sure this cozy down and feather inner fill doesn't shift, this King extra large comforter has a baffle box construction to keep everything in place. Revitalized and pure, this recycled down King XL comforter will give you the soft King bedding of your dreams!

NOMITE®: An anti-allergen standard that indicates a product is suitable for both children and adults that suffer from house dust mite allergies.

TÜV SÜD: Provides internationally-accredited independent product testing services in accordance with international standards.

Downafresh®: Confirmation that the feathers and down used as filling material comply with the hygiene requirements of EN 12935. This means that the down and feathers undergo 6 to 8 washing cycles for circa 1 hour, and are then dried at temperatures exceeding 100°C / 212°F and disinfected. Lastly the feathers and down are examined at a laboratory to confirm they meet the hygienic requirements.

Dry Clean Only

RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King

  • Size: King Bedding Comforter - Oversized King XL
  • Material: 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Reprocessed Down Filled Comforter with Green Cotton Piping, and Baffle Box Construction to eliminate shifting
  • Important Information: 63.2% Newly Processed Down / 36.8% Newly Processed Feather, 600 Fill Power
  • Country of Origin: EU/Hungary
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RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King
RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King
RE-DUCE® - Revitalized Down Comforter - King

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