Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue

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Inspired by Shelly T., a Coma Inducer® Customer from Duson, LA. Shelly was inspired to reach out to us through our Coma Community and stated we needed a Coma Inducer® named "Sleep-O-Nator". Naturally, since we used her name idea, we shipped Shelly a free unit...that's where communication stopped. We tried to catch up with Shelly on what inspired her name suggestion, but we have not heard back. Our best guess is that the Sleep-O-Nator put her into one of those deep sleep comas. You know, the good kind that represents not being able to do anything remotely functional. It's not surprising because Sleep-O-Nator consists of an intensely cozy plush and a reverse buttery soft Bare Bottom® material that could make anyone disappear. If anyone hears from Shelly, please let us know!

While it would be nice to jet off to Hawaii whenever you want to relax in comfort, that's not always possible. When you can't get away to a warm paradise, you can always turn your Queen bed into a luxurious place to relax with ultra cozy Queen bedding essentials. We know it's not quite Hawaii, but our Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue is soft and plush enough to help you relax in warmth and comfort right in your own home. Covered in high quality bedding materials down to the last inch, this oversized Queen comforter will be the most amazingly soft Queen bedding essential you could ever dream of.

Looking at this stylish blue Queen comforter, you can see that the front side is made with thick, luxurious plush. Not surprisingly, this machine washable plush Queen comforter is incredibly soft to the touch and it creates a warm and cozy comfort that you will love snuggling up with. To make this blue plush Queen extra large comforter even better when it comes to comfort, we've also added our insanely soft Bare Bottom® material to the reverse side. Inspired by yoga clothes, the spandex infused microfiber on the reverse of this oversized Queen comforter feels so soft and freeing, you'll want to feel it on as much bare skin as possible. It may mean sleeping without your PJs, but sleeping nude feels even more natural with this type of soft comfort on your Queen sized bed.

Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue

  • Size: Queen Bedding Comforter - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: Thick, 270 GSM luxury plush reversing to our silky smooth Bare Bottom® luxury material
  • Construction: Thick 280 GSM Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick Queen Comforter that is addictive in comfort

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Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue
Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue
Sleep-O-Nator - Coma Inducer® Queen Comforter - Hawaiian Blue

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