Snorze® Cotton Cloud Comforter - Coma Inducer® - Oversized King in Alloy

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Inspired by snoring at a level that gets you kicked, punched, and pushed off of the bed by your partner. Snorze® represents the act of snoring at levels that begs the question "Are you okay?" or "You sound like you can't breathe". Now, the only way to achieve sleep that feels so good that you forget to breathe is by sleeping with a comforter that's on a different level. Enter, Snorze® Cloud Comforters, a Coma Inducer® line made of intensely soft, puffy, and fluffy cloud-like filling that transforms your bed into a dreamlike place full of snores. With a breathable cotton exterior and a best-in-class down alternative 360 GSM filling, you have a comforter that somehow combines a lightweight feeling with cozy comfort. Usable all year round, but ideal for summer and warm sleepers.

: May cause deep sleep and intensely loud snores. To avoid pillow suffocation by your partner, kindly provide them with the included ear plugs. Good sleep was never so dangerous!
You are probably familiar with the phrase “Work Hard, Play Hard.” But at Coma Inducer®, we prefer to say “Work Hard, Play Hard, Sleep Hard”! Whether you’ve had a long day at work or a fun-filled weekend, you need high quality sleep that helps you wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready for a new day. And for out of this world Coma Worthy Sleep, our Snorze® Cotton Cloud Comforter - Coma Inducer® - Oversized King in Alloy can’t be beat! When is the last time you got a great night’s sleep with a thin, wimpy comforter? You can only achieve truly restful sleep with high quality bedding like this oversized King comforter set! And the entire Coma Inducer® mission is centered around providing the best, biggest, softest extra large King bedding, making any luxury King XL comforter from this designer bedding brand a must-have choice for hard workers, hard players, and anyone looking for the best King oversized comforter for better sleep.

What makes this extra large King all season comforter set so much better than basic King bedding? First of all, when you choose a Coma Inducer® King oversized bedspread, you should know that our high end King comforters are designed with oversized King bedding dimensions, adding extra length and width on every side. These King XL bedding comforters provide more cover to properly fit any pillow top King or California King mattress, so you won’t have to worry about fighting to get enough coverage. However, with a classically soft cotton exterior, you may still be tempted to hog all this extra large King gray comforter all for yourself! A thick yet fluffy down alternative fill makes this ultra plush XL King comforter even more comfortable. With tabs on each corner, you can even choose to add an optional King size duvet cover, or let this modern gray King comforter cover you in cottony softness so you can work harder, play harder, and sleep harder than ever before!
Snorze® Cotton Cloud Comforter - Coma Inducer® - Oversized King in Alloy

  • Size: King Bedding Comforter - Oversized King XL
  • Material: Smooth, Lightweight Cotton for a Breathable feel
  • Construction: Ultra Fluffy - Cloudlike 360GSM Down Alternative Inner Fill
  • Important Information: Created for warm sleepers or warmer climates - designed for those who want the Coma Inducer® plushness without the heat.
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