Snorze® Cotton Cloud Standard Sham - Coma Inducer® - Alloy

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Adding a cooling touch to the head of your extra large Twin, Full, or Queen sized bed is a great idea, especially if you live in a hot climate or tend to sleep warm. There's nothing like that 'cool side of the pillow' comfort to help you get cozy on your bed, and this cotton pillow sham can help you achieve that level of comfort! This Snorze® Cotton Cloud Standard Sham - Coma Inducer® - Alloy is also machine washable so you can always keep your cozy Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding essentials clean and ready for use, so you can stay perfectly comfortable when snuggled up with your cozy bedding set.

And, since this machine washable standard pillow sham is at the head of your Twin XL, Full, or Queen sized bed, you'll want to make sure it looks good with the rest of your bedding and even your bedroom décor. Luckily, this neutral cotton standard sham is the perfect color for any bedroom! Gray XL Twin, XL Full, or XL Queen bedding is easy to match, so this gray standard pillow sham will fit right in to any bedroom décor color scheme, helping to make your extra large Twin, extra large Full, or Queen bedding set an important part of your bedroom decoration.
® - Alloy

Snorze® Cotton Cloud Standard Sham - Coma Inducer® - Alloy

  • Size: Standard/Queen Bedding Sham - 1 Unit
  • Material: Smooth, Lightweight Cotton in solid Alloy Gray
  • Construction: A super soft pillow sham for breathable comfort
  • Important Information: Matches Snorze® Cotton Cloud Comforter - Coma Inducer® - Alloy to complete your cozy bedroom décor
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