Bom Dia - 300TC Washed Sateen Queen Quilted Comforter

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Many people would say that comfort is the most important thing when it comes to their Queen bedding. We can't disagree with that, but if comfortable Queen size bedding is the most important thing, we'd say that stylish Queen bedding is a close second. At Byourbed, we offer must have Queen bedding that is both so you can have the Queen bed of your dreams! When it comes to style and comfort, it could be hard to top our Bom Dia - 300TC Washed Sateen Queen Quilted Comforter. This quilted Queen oversized comforter has just the right amount of comfort and a quiet explosion of style to make it truly one of a kind.

Made in Portugal with soft yet thick cotton, this white Queen XL quilted comforter will add the perfect amount of comfort to your Queen bedding. The real beauty of this extra large Queen comforter is in the details. A classic and elegant looking square pattern gives way to a unique design near the edges of this one of a kind Queen XL comforter. Beyond the simple yet beautiful double stitch pattern is a stylized frayed edge, giving this oversized Queen comforter unmatched style. Its hard to deny that this white Queen extra large comforter has a simple yet impactful design. Combine that with its cozy comfort and you have an oversized Queen comforter that is a must for any bedroom!

Bom Dia - 300TC Washed Sateen Queen Quilted Comforter

  • Size: Queen/Queen XL Bedding Comforter
  • Material: 100% Cotton - Double Stitch & Frayed Edge
  • Construction: Thick, soft to the touch cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Beautiful bedding designed and made in Portugal
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