Softy Smooth - Coma Inducer® King Sham - Bunny Black

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Inspired by the fact that, when something is so good, you can't deny the power of being straightforward. It's no secret that we love fun Coma Inducer® names, but when we first touched the Softy Smooth material we just felt compelled to tell it like it is and skip the fun humor and get down to what everyone craves...Ultimate Comfort. Softy Smooth consists of one soft side and one smooth side. It can't get simpler than that! The 320GSM furry plush is actually so soft that soft probably doesn't do it justice and the reverse Bare Bottom® material is so smooth that we often refer to it as a buttery smooth. The Coma Inducer® softness plus the Bare Bottom® smoothness of the Softy Smooth make it the bedding of choice for those who want Coma Worthy Sleep™.

With the right King sham, it is easy to turn your King bed into a cozy place to unwind. And if you want to enjoy the best in King bedding comfort, we have the perfect King size sham for your bedroom! The Softy Smooth - Coma Inducer® King Sham - Bunny Black is made with ultra cozy bedding materials to complete the comfort of your other soft King bedding essentials. Sized to fit a King size pillow, this machine washable King sham will provide you with a soft place to rest your head each and every night. The luxurious plush material of this King pillow sham has a smoothly soft feel, helping you to easily get comfortable on your King bed so you can drift into deep Coma Worthy Sleep™.

Just like the rest of your essential King bedding, this plush King pillow sham should also play a part in your bedroom decor. Luckily, this neutral King sham has the perfect look to complete your King bedding decor so that it can become the focal point of your bedroom. Black King bedding has a dynamic look while it is still capable of blending in perfectly with your bedroom decor and bedroom furniture. This black King sham will match your other King bedding pieces and add to the comfort of your cozy King bed, making it a must have part of your bedroom!

Softy Smooth - Coma Inducer® King Sham - Bunny Black

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