Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Refreshing Green

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Inspired by all of the great customer feedback letting us know that when sleeping some days, some seasons, or for some random reasons, you want it hot and sometimes you want it cold. Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold Coma Inducer® is the answer to your requests for a comforter with temperature flexibility. Its name is also inspired by one catchy kids' nursery rhyme... Peas Porridge Hot. What makes this Coma Inducer® unique is that it toggles back and forth between warm and cooling. One side is our Original Plush Coma Inducer®, which is that warm and cozy you crave in the colder months, while the other side is our Cool Cool Summer Coma Inducer®, which is the perfect cooling blend of silky soft nylon and microfiber for warmer months. Whether it's your mood, temperature of your home, a certain time in life... whatever the case, the versatility of this Coma Inducer® can't be beat! The outcome of Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold is a year round cozy bedding comforter that can adapt to your sleeping needs.

At first glance, the Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Refreshing Green may not look like what you would expect from a lightweight, cooling Queen XL comforter set. If you are a hot sleeper, you should know to avoid warming plush materials like velour, since these are notorious for trapping body heat. However, our bedding experts have done the impossible, crafting a unique oversized Queen bedspread set that transforms our signature Coma Inducer® velvety plush bedding into a breathable, cooling Queen comforter set that even hot sleepers in warm climates can appreciate! Finally, you can enjoy the unbeatable comfort that only Coma Inducer® luxury bedding provides, without making your Queen size bed feel like a sauna. So, how did we do it? We don’t want to give away all of our designer bedding secrets, but we can tell you about a few features that make this Queen oversized cooling comforter set so uniquely comfortable for hot sleepers!

The first secret lies in the under-side of this sage green Queen extra large comforter set. While the front of this velvety Queen oversized bedspread features our Coma Inducer® Original velour plush, this extra large Queen comforter reverses to silky nylon that actually cools you down while you sleep. A staple fabric in many athletic wear brands, this oversized nylon Queen comforter uses the same technology to regulate your body temperature at night. A best-in-class lightweight fill adds just enough coziness, so this green oversized Queen bedding set will keep you perfectly warm without overheating. With the perfect combination of breathable materials, a lightweight fill, and an ultra cozy velvet finishing touch, you can’t go wrong with this extra large Queen bedding set! Thanks to these high quality bedding materials, only Coma Inducer® could create such a uniquely comfortable Queen cooling comforter set for truly Coma Worthy Sleep.
Some Like it Hot - Some Like it Cold - Coma Inducer® Oversized Queen Comforter - Refreshing Green

  • Size: Queen Bedding Comforter - Oversized Queen XL
  • Material: Warm, Luxury Plush reversing to a Cool to the Touch, Silky Smooth Nylon Microfiber Blend
  • Construction: Breathable 240GSM Polyester Inner Fill
  • Important Information: This bedding provides the best of both worlds! One side features our Original Plush Coma Inducer® for some warmth, while the reverse is our Cool Cool Summer Coma Inducer® for when you need a cooling feel against your skin
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