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Inspired by being sorry for someone because you have a Coma Inducer® and they don't...but then thinking about it and realizing you really aren't sorry. It's hard to be genuinely sorry for someone when you know they could solve their problem simply by purchasing a Coma Inducer®. Our Sorry, Not Sorry Coma Inducer® takes our thickest Chunky Bunny® plush material and combines it with textured ripples to make your bedding pleasing to the eye and comfortable. This intensely soft front side reverses to a silky smooth faux mink. The combination of cozy materials keeps you snuggled, warm, and, for a brief moment, "sorry" for others that aren't able to experience this heavenly bedding. That brief feeling of guilt won't last long, as you'll realize you're "Not Sorry" and that you deserve every second of the plush luxury that our Sorry, Not Sorry Coma Inducer® provides.

Not only do you not have to feel guilty that you aren't sorry that others may not be experiencing the same luxurious Twin, Queen, or King bedding comfort that you are. But, with this faux fur Twin, Queen, or King bedding, you also won't have to feel guilty about any animals being harmed in the making of this oversized Twin, Queen, or King comforter. Using faux rabbit fur and faux mink material, this ultra plush Twin, Queen, or King comforter is incredibly soft and cruelty-free! This oversized faux fur Twin, Queen, or King comforter and the matching pillow shams will make you feel like you are snuggling up with baby bunnies when you are relaxing on your Twin, Twin extra long, Queen, or King sized bed.

The soft comfort of this plush Twin, Queen, or King bedding set is so luxurious, you'll be able to tell how comfortable it is as soon as you walk into your bedroom! Such high quality plush creates machine washable Twin, Queen, or King bedding pieces that are the embodiment of softness. The plush appearance of this comfy Twin, Queen, or King bedspread will transform your entire bedroom into a comfortable and relaxing space. Designed with an easy to match color, this beige Twin, Queen, or King extra large comforter will also nicely blend in with your bedroom furniture while the stylish ruffled design adds extra style to your bedroom decor. With subtle yet impactful style and luxuriously cozy comfort, what's not to love about this plush Twin, Queen, or King comforter?

Sorry, Not Sorry - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Angora

  • Size: Choose Your Comforter Size
  • Material: Super Soft Faux Rabbit Fur with Faux Mink on the reverse
  • Construction: Thick 280GSM Inner Polyester Fill
  • Important Information: Warm, thick XL Comforter that is addictive in comfort
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