Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Teddy Bear - Taupe Natural

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Inspired by childhood memories of snuggling with your favorite stuffed animal. Our Teddy Bear Coma Inducer® is the acceptable, adult way to get that cozy sensation back. Nostalgic, yet the most practical way of all our Coma Inducers to experience the warmth and comfort that is sure to transform your bedding into a giant stuffed animal. A teddy bear-like hug that will engulf you in a plush, carefree, child-like sleep that you'll find is your daily retreat from the stressors of life.

Even if you've outgrown your stuffed animals and your fear of monsters under the bed you may still want to add a level of soothing comfort to your Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, or California King sized bed. When it comes to comfortable bedding, there is nothing wrong with wanting super soft bedding that is reassuringly cozy. And when you want to snuggle with cozy Twin, Full, or Queen bedding, adding comfy standard pillow shams to your bedroom should do the trick. Covering your standard sized pillows in our Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Teddy Bear - Taupe Natural will make them feel just like your favorite childhood stuffed animal.

Resting your head on this high level of plush comfort or even snuggling with your standard pillow will feel like a dream come true once you add these soft pillow shams to your Twin, Full, Queen, or King bed. If you crave comfort on every inch of your cozy bed, this ultra soft standard sham 2-pack is just what you need! These plush standard size shams will also increase the style of your bedroom decor. With such cozy plush material sitting at the head of your Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King, or Cal King bed, your stylish bedding decor will get a luxurious upgrade. This affordable standard pillow sham set will also allow you to enjoy soft comfort and plush style at a low cost!

Coma Inducer® Standard Sham (2-Pack) - Teddy Bear - Taupe Natural

  • Size: Standard/Queen Bedding Sham
  • Material: Luxury Plush
  • Construction: A super plush pillow sham
  • Important Information: Matches Coma Inducer® - Teddy Bear - Taupe Natural Comforter and Duvet Cover to complete your decor and bedding set
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