Rustica Portugal Quilt - Soft Denim Stone Washed - Taupe

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No matter if you have a Twin XL sized bed all the way to a King size bed, your bedding will most likely be a major part of your bedroom decor. Take pride in what you put on your bed with amazingly stylish bedding like our Rustica Portugal Quilt - Soft Denim Stone Washed - Taupe. Choose your Twin extra long, Queen, or King quilt and watch the look of your bedding transform! This taupe quilt's unique design displays different shades of neutral colors. Such a one of a kind design will definitely enhance the look of your bedroom decor while still blending in just enough with the rest of your bedroom furniture.

The Rustica Portugal Quilt - Soft Denim Washed - Taupe lets you add a slice of luxury to your bedroom without forcing you to pay a luxurious cost. The extraordinary style and soft comfort of this high quality cotton essential bedding quilt make it an exceptional piece of Twin XL, Queen, or King Bedding for a low cost that doesn't match its quality. Adding this taupe quilt to your bedding will let you enjoy luxurious Portugal bedding that looks and feels amazing!

Rustica Portugal Quilt - Soft Denim Stone Washed - Taupe

  • Size: Choose Your Quilt Size
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: Thick, soft to the touch cotton for ultimate comfort
  • Important Information: Beautiful bedding designed and made in Portugal
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