White Duck Down230 Thread Count Twin Comforter - Oversized Twin XL Bedding

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You need a quality night's sleep every night in order to function and concentrate the next day. This all starts with your Twin Bedding. You want to create a luxurious environment in your Twin Bed that lulls you into the deep sleep you need, and most importantly keeps you in that deep sleep state. Our 230 Thread Count White Duck Down Twin Comforter is a luxuriously comfortable Twin Bedding essential that offers ultimate comfort so you cover with an incredibly soft and substantial Twin Comforter every night.

Our 230 Thread Count White Duck Down Twin Comforter has an incredibly soft 100% Cotton fabric outer material with a luxuriously soft 230 Thread Count for the softness you need in your Twin Bedding with a white color to complete your bedroom decor. This luxuriously soft cotton envelopes a thick, powerful inner fill of 24 ounce, 600 Fill Power of White Duck Down for the thick, comfortable Twin Comforter you need for a quality night's sleep. While this Twin Bedding essential offers ultimate comfort and softness in your Twin Bedding, it also adds more length and width. This added length and width ensures your Twin Comforter fully covers your bed so your mattress doesn't show underneath and also allows this versatile Twin Bedding essential to fit on a Twin XL Bed as a Twin XL Comforter.

230 Thread Count White Duck Down Twin Comforter

  • Size: Twin Bedding Comforter - Oversized Twin XL
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: 230 Thread Count
  • Important Information: 24 Oz Fill, 80% White Duck Down, 600 Fill Power
  • Comfort Proof Tested Results:
    • Fiber Analysis: 100% Cotton,
    • Content Analysis: 81.3% Down, 7.5% Down Fiber, 3.1% Feather Fibers, 7.6% Waterfowl Feathers, .1% Broken/Damaged Feathers, .4% Residue
    • Fill Power: 650 Fill Power
    • Cleanliness Evaluation: Oxygen IDFB-7: 1.6mg/100g, Turbidity IDFB-11-B: 1000 + mm, IDFB-11-A: 1.88 NTU
    • Odor Evaluation: None
    • Air Permeability: 5.3 ft3/ft2/min
    • Net Fill Weight: 28.4 oz.
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