Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Frosted - Granite Gray

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Inspired by the warmth you crave when thinking of snow capped mountains and cold winter nights. Our "Frosted" Coma Inducer® takes what would be a standard color and softly mutes the color with a sheen of white. The frosted appearance gives way to the ultra soft and plush feel that exists with all of Byourbed's Coma Inducer® family of bedding products.

The purpose of a duvet cover is to protect your Twin XL, Queen, or King oversized comforter from any outside harm like getting dirty, but there is more to our Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Frosted - Granite Gray than just that. Sure, this essential duvet cover has a zippered closure that will encase your comforter, but made with extra cozy materials and with a stylish look, this gray duvet cover is a must have soft bedding item as well! While this one of a kind duvet cover protects your extra long Twin, Queen, or King comforter you'll get to enjoy its amazing comfort and great look.

This gray duvet cover will make it easy to match the rest of your soft bedding with your bedroom decor, which helps create a harmonious environment in your bedroom. But this duvet cover is made to stand out even when it is blending in. Made with such incredibly soft material, just looking at this cozy duvet cover will make you start to unwind and feel relaxed and cozy. The luxury plush material used to make this gray duvet cover so unique will make you obsessed with the feel of your bedding. Looking for the most comfort and style possible? Don't worry, we have you covered! This gray duvet cover set comes with (1) or (2) matching pillowcases, so you can enjoy the best comfort all over when laying in your Twin XL, Queen, or King sized bed.

Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Frosted - Granite Gray

  • Size: Choose Your Duvet Cover Size
  • Material: Luxury Plush with soft frosted sheen
  • Construction: A super plush duvet cover designed to encase your comforter
  • Important Information: Includes incredibly soft Duvet Cover and (1) or (2) Sham(s)
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Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Frosted - Granite Gray
Coma Inducer® Duvet Cover - Frosted - Granite Gray

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