Ah, Yes The Scottish Winter - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Blue Checkered Plaid

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Inspired by the history of PLAID or, for you plaid experts out there, "Tartan". Now, us common folk (Coma Inducer® included) thought plaid was just for Scottish kilts or the recent holiday pajama pants plaid trend. But when we dug deeper we learned that Plaids were actually heavy cloaks used by the Scottish to ward against freezing cold winters, which prompted us to think, "Ah, Yes the Scottish Winter". Fond thoughts of bundling up to protect against bitter cold days and chilly nights was just too perfect, and the first plaid Coma Inducer® comforters were created. The Ah, Yes the Scottish Winter Coma Inducer® is made with our Touchy Feely® front side (280 GSM) and reverses to our Frosted reverse side (270 GSM). While the Touchy Feely® side is a short ultra plush, the Frosted reverse provides a subtle thickness that you can run your hand through to see the slight hint of color. The frosted color is made to match the reversing plaid color... beautifully done! The combination of warm comfort and a plaid design sets a cozy mood that makes your environment look as good as it feels. So, next time you see plaid, hark back to the olden days and say "Ah, Yes the Scottish Winter".

Our bedding experts are always following the latest interior design trends, and this year one color palette seems to be the top choice: blue and white! If you love the refreshing look of white and blue Twin oversized bedding, our Ah, Yes The Scottish Winter - Coma Inducer® Oversized Twin Comforter - Blue Checkered Plaid is a must-have. This extra large Twin comforter set features a pure white background, with overlapping blue stripes to form a classic white and blue gingham pattern across your entire Twin or Twin XL bed. And with an included matching white and blue plaid pillow sham, your chic bedroom decor will be perfectly put-together with this extra large Twin bedding set.

But the trendy look of this blue and white Twin oversized comforter set is not the only reason why it belongs in this year’s updated bedroom decor. Crafted with high quality bedding materials inside and out, you will experience better sleep than ever with this ultra cozy Twin extra large comforter set. On the front, our velvety soft Touchy Feely® fabric provides a cuddly handfeel that is sure to satisfy. On the reverse, silky Frosted plush adds even more coziness to make this oversized Twin bedding set truly irresistible. And with a thicker than average inner fill, you will be nice and warm under the soft embrace of this extra large Twin bedspread. Enjoy Coma Worthy Sleep® this winter with this white and blue Twin extra large bedding set!

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