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Inspired by an unimaginable cold... aka the dreaded Alaskan Winter! The thought is if a Coma Inducer® is made plush enough, thick enough, and cozy enough to handle the frigid temperatures of an Alaskan Winter, then surely it can be more than enough for all of us that face a normal cold winter. It can seem unimaginable that places like Barrow, Alaska get as low as -56° F, but it happened in 1924! The goal of our Alaskan Winters Coma Inducer® is to make sure the cold feeling of winter never disrupts your warm and cozy sleep. Made with 420 GSM, this ultra soft faux fur plush will give you the feeling that maybe you can and should lower your thermostat by 10 degrees... heck, maybe 20 degrees because you won't feel the cooling air once you are cozied up under this Coma Inducer®. If the thick wavy plush isn't comfy enough, our Alaskan Winters reverses to our Bare Bottom® material which prevents overheating and provides a smooth, almost silky peach fuzz softness. Combining the wild with the tame, it's no wonder how the Alaskan Winters Coma Inducer® got its name.

If you don’t like the cold, it is a real challenge to live in Alaska or anywhere in the lower 48 that experiences harsh winters. After all, our luxury bedding brand was founded in Buffalo, NY, but after our re-location to Nashville, TN, we have lost all of our tolerance for snowy weather and sub-zero temperatures. While Tennessee winters are more manageable than New York winters, and don’t even come close to the arctic weather in Alaska, sometimes we want nothing more than to simply hibernate through the cold season. Thankfully, with the Alaskan Winters - Coma Inducer® Oversized Comforter - Arctic Wolf, this winter Twin, Queen, or King extra large bedding makes this dream a little bit closer to reality. Crafted with ultra cozy bedding materials, this Twin, Queen, or King oversized winter comforter is designed to keep you warm and toasty all winter long, no matter how cold it gets outside!

Our designer bedding experts crafted this extra large Twin, Queen, or King winter bedspread with warmth and coziness as the top priority. A top layer of untamed shaggy fluff covers every inch of your bed in irresistible softness, with a dense 420 GSM construction that will keep you warm like your favorite winter coat. Inside, a thicker than average inner fill adds even more insulation to this overstuffed Twin, Queen, or King oversized bedding essential. Now, all of these extra warm and heavy bedding materials may sound like they would cause you to sweat, even on the coldest of winter nights. However, our Coma Inducer® high quality bedding understands the balance of warmth and breathability, which is why this extra large Twin, Queen, or King furry comforter uses our lightweight Bare Bottom® material on the reverse side to help regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating. Perfectly constructed with the perfect blend of softness, warmth, thickness, breathability, and of course our signature oversized comforter dimensions, you’re sure to enjoy those longer nights this winter with this Twin, Queen, or King extra large winter bedding comforter!

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