Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Black

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Inspired by untamed coziness that is so soft and plush that it begs the question "Are You Kidding?" Seriously... you wrap yourself up and you know a comfort level this high makes you think it can't be real. It must be a dream. No bedding can feel this good, right? Or can it? With long silk-like, luxurious fibers that seemingly engulf your skin in a cradle of comfort, you just know that you've found the very best with "Are You Kidding®" Comforters. This particular Are You Kidding® bedding is turbocharged with comfort by the reverse side being made with Byourbed's luxury Bare Bottom® material. A fabric that can only be explained by imagining yourself bundled in a stick of creamy, cozy soft butter. This insanely cozy combination of plush creates our most versatile Coma Inducer® - the aptly named Are You Kidding Bare.

Looking to elevate your King bedding game? The Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer® King Comforter - Black is one of our best selling King bedding essentials, perfect for adding unparalleled comfort and style to your King size bed! This black King XL comforter isn't just about making your King bed insanely cozy; it's also a style statement that adds a dramatic modern touch to your chic bedroom decor. The solid black hue of this King oversized bedding creates an enticing and relaxing vibe for your King bed, transforming your entire bedroom into a black hole of coziness. The plush King oversized comforter not only enhances your bedroom's aesthetic but also embodies an irresistible softness that's exactly what you crave when it's time to hit the hay.

Fortunately, this luxury King extra large comforter isn't all show–it's intentionally designed with high quality bedding materials that turn your King bed into a cocoon of pure plush comfort! Thanks to such unbelievably cozy materials, our Coma Inducer® extra large King comforters make getting up in the morning a real challenge. Snuggling up with this oversized King comforter might make you question if such intense comfort is even real, or if we’re just kidding! Boasting a shaggy plush fabric on the front and a reverse side featuring our breathable silky soft Bare Bottom® microfiber infused with spandex, every inch of this King oversized bedspread envelops you in the finest King bedding comfort. With its extended dimensions, this extra large King comforter fully engulfs you in an unforgettable soft touch! Wrapping yourself in perfect comfort that keeps you warm and cozy ensures nights filled with Coma Worthy Sleep® that will have you hitting the snooze button.

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Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer King Comforter - Black
Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer King Comforter - Black
Are You Kidding Bare - Coma Inducer King Comforter - Black

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