Chunky Bunny x Original - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Alloy

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Inspired by pairing the BEST of the BEST to create the dream Collab. Our Original Coma Inducer® is our #1 best-selling Coma Inducer® each year and our Chunky Bunny® is our fan favorite Coma Inducer® that provides the WOW factor. Chunky Bunny® faux fur plush is the material that makes jaws drop and makes the term 'Coma Inducing' feel like a real possibility! Now, we've taken these two amazing materials and paired them together (Chunky Bunny x Original)... two heavyweight titans... It's the Superbowl of Plush! Now who doesn't want to see (I mean touch) that! It's quite possibly the greatest combination and collaboration of all time. Once you try Chunky Bunny x Original Coma Inducer you'll see what all the hype is about! You can tell by our inspiration alone that this is a BIG deal. The silky smooth and thick plush of our 450 GSM Chunky Bunny® combined with the wavy ultra soft plush of our 280 GSM Original is the ultimate in oversized, Coma Worthy Sleep® plush bedding! Best + Best = BESTEST

We know that our huge selection of high quality King bedding can be somewhat overwhelming for first time shoppers. However, our dedicated team of bedding experts is always available to help answer questions, guide you through our huge catalog of soft King XL bedding, and to make suggestions for which of our King oversized comforter sets would be best for you. But if you love the idea of warm, heavy, extra large King bedding, the answer is pretty simple: our Chunky Bunny x Original - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Alloy! This oversized King bedding set combines two of our best selling Coma Inducer® King extra large comforter styles to create one undeniably cozy King XL bedspread that highlights just what makes our luxury bedding brand so irresistible.

Featuring two of our favorite bedding materials, Chunky Bunny® faux fur covers one side of this King oversized bedding set for a touch of silky softness. On the other side, our signature Original Plush Coma Inducer® fluffy fabric is used to add even more coziness to this addictively comfy King extra large bedspread. With luxurious faux fur and cozy plush combined in one oversized King bedding set, you will wonder how you slept with basic King comforters before! A thicker than average inner fill means this extra large King comforter set weighs over 20 lbs, adding a comforting weight to help lull you into Coma Worthy Sleep. Included matching pillow shams mean that every inch of your King or California King mattress will be completely covered in this trending King must-have comforter set.

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Chunky Bunny x Original - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Alloy
Chunky Bunny x Original - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Alloy

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