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Inspired by bunnies that know how to do yoga??! Not exactly, although there is goat yoga, so we can see how the new craze of bunny yoga could be a thing. Our Chunky Bunny Yoga is really inspired by a Coma Inducer® collaboration. Combining our best-selling Chunky Bunny® rabbit-like plush with the stretchy peachskin softness of our Yoga Pants™ material creates a one-of-a-kind cozy touch that is our Chunky Bunny Yoga Coma Inducer®. The opposite plush materials come together to create the perfect cozy combination. Chunky Bunny®, with its overly thick plush, makes it addictive to run your hands through the dense 800 GSM faux fur as you marvel at how soft it truly is, while Yoga (Yoga Pants™) provides the cozy softness that allows you to be warm without overheating. Side note: if you want to overheat, look for our double-sided Chunky Bunny®... it hasn't been officially tested, but that's the Coma Inducer® that could help you survive a blizzard! So how can you be warm but not to the point of overheating and still enjoy an incredibly plush experience? Our answer is the blockbuster collab: Chunky Bunny Yoga Coma Inducer®!

You don’t have to be a certified yogi to enjoy the benefits that come with some simple yoga poses. For example, at Byourbed, our favorite yoga pose is savasana–laying down! You can get more out of your in-bed yoga time with our Chunky Bunny Yoga - Coma Inducer® Oversized King Comforter - Chive. This extra large King bedding essential has a relaxing, calming embrace to help you reach new levels of cozy King bedding zen. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and just imagine the joy you will feel when you see this thick oversized King bedspread draped across your King or California King mattress! Crafted with high quality King bedding materials inside and out, this extra large King comforter is a must-have bedroom essential for self-care gurus, or anyone who appreciates cozy oversized King bedding.

On the top, our thick Chunky Bunny® faux fur adds a touch of irresistible plushness that is sure to exceed your expectations even for luxury King oversized bedding. But it is our Yoga Pants material on the reverse side that really makes this furry King extra large comforter stand out! Our buttery Yoga Pants fabric features soft microfiber infused with stretchy spandex, for a silky plush feel that will remind you of your favorite pair of designer yoga pants. Now get ready to experience that plush softness stretched over every inch of your King bed! Thanks to true extended King bedding dimensions, even the thickest pillow top King mattress will be fully engulfed in this green King XL comforter. You’ll definitely want to nama-stay in bed all morning long with this extra large King faux fur comforter, only from our Coma Inducer® exclusive online bedding brand!

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