Coma-holic - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Standard Sham (2 Pack) - February Gray

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Inspired by healthy addictions. When acted upon appropriately, healthy addictions can be great!! Maybe it's reading books, exercising, being social, or something as simple as drinking a gallon of water daily. Another healthy addiction is craving a great night's sleep. A good night's rest impacts everything about your day, mood, and the overall energy that you put out to the world. Coma-holic contributes to the positive addiction of restful sleep and takes it a step further to cover the healthy love for all things cozy and comfortable. And, since our Coma Inducer® represents everything plush and cozy, it's somewhat easy to become a Coma-holic when you experience this level of comfort. This ultra cozy oversized Coma Inducer® is made up of a 180 GSM plush honeycomb design that reverses to our Better Than Butter, which has a hand feel that's best described as smooth like butter. But beware, the combination of materials is enough to turn anyone into a Coma-holic.

We have to give credit where credit is due! Although here at Coma Inducer® we are inspired to create a lot of great names, the credit for this aptly named Coma-holic Coma Inducer® goes to Sarah Willie. Sarah contacted us one day by email and wrote:

As a Coma-(holic) I personally own 2 Coma Inducer blankets and I absolutely LOVE them! Not sure if you read the feedback of your requests but I'd happily enjoy sharing mine with you! We were building our home last January and during the move, we upgraded to a king bed, so of course that required upgrading our bedding as well! I was doing some research on breathable, yet cooling comforters and I came across your website. I read multiple reviews and ended up purchasing one of the comforters. (The other was gifted) Once it came, it was like the UPS guy was Santa and I was the giddy child waiting by the door to receive my present that I had bought for myself.

It was our first time hearing a Coma Inducer® customer describe themselves as a Coma-holic. Upon hearing the term, we couldn't resist creating the Coma-holic Coma Inducer®, a great way to celebrate your healthy addiction to great sleep!

Are you in need of the perfect finishing touch to your Twin XL, Full XL, or Queen XL bedding set but don't have much left of your bedding budget? At Byourbed®, we want to help everyone create that perfect Twin, Full, or Queen bedding set, which is why we offer some affordable luxury bedding options. Big on style and comfort but low on cost, our Coma-holic - Coma Inducer® (with Butter) Standard Sham (2 Pack) - February Gray is a great choice for any bedroom. These gray standard pillow shams are the perfect color to match your bedroom décor and bedroom furniture while displaying a unique textured pattern for even more style at the head of your extra large Twin, Full XL, or Queen sized bed.

And when it comes to comfort, we know you'll be obsessed with these super soft standard pillow shams! Our line of Coma-holic Coma Inducer® bedding was designed to celebrate everything that makes plush bedding so addictive. With warm and soft plush on one side and silky soft Better Than Butter microfiber on the other, each standard sham in this essential bedding set is a cozy addition to your Twin, Full, or Queen oversized bedding set. These machine washable standard pillow shams are just what you need for perfect bedding, without breaking the bank!
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