Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Full Comforter - Marshmallow White

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Inspired by light and fluffy Cotton Candy. Our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer® is our interpretation of what sleeping under a bed of cotton candy could feel like, of course without any of the sticky mess. Remember the joy you had as a kid when your parents let you get cotton candy? Excitement turned into being supercharged by all that sugar! Now, as an adult, you can live out that same child-like excitement with our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer®. Instead of a sugar rush, it can now be Coma Worthy Sleep® that will give you that extra pep in your step each day. Made with 260 GSM fluffy soft plush, this cozy Coma is on the lighter side. Providing you with a cozy comfort without overheating, you'll also find unbeatable comfort in the beyond soft Down Alternative fill and our silky smooth Bare Bottom® reverse material. And here you thought the joys of cotton candy were only for kids! Nonsense... you can now experience the same happy innocence with our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer®!

Have you ever had a sugar crash? After imbibing tons of sweets, you may feel extra energized for about an hour or so. But after your body is done using all those extra calories, you’ll suddenly feel exhausted and ready for a nap! Thankfully, our Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Full Comforter - Marshmallow White is here to help you sleep off your sugar binge. Made with our soothing soft Bare Bottom® fabric on the reverse and topped off with a fluffy sherpa plush, this extra large Full comforter is a must-have for anyone with a serious sweet tooth… or anyone who just loves cozy Full XL bedding!

Made with high quality bedding materials inside and out, there’s no denying that this oversized Full bedspread will help you doze off right to sleep after you’ve enjoyed a big dessert. But it isn’t just the soft fabrics that make this Full extra large comforter one of our favorites from our Coma Inducer® luxury bedding brand! This oversized Full comforter also adds a touch of extra style to your bedroom decor. With it’s eye-catching plush texture and neutral ivory white color, this extra large Full bedding will made a statement in your bedroom interior design while effortlessly matching the rest of your XL Full bedding accessories.

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Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Full Comforter - Marshmallow White
Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Full Comforter - Marshmallow White

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