Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Root Beer

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Inspired by light and fluffy Cotton Candy. Our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer® is our interpretation of what sleeping under a bed of cotton candy could feel like, of course without any of the sticky mess. Remember the joy you had as a kid when your parents let you get cotton candy? Excitement turned into being supercharged by all that sugar! Now, as an adult, you can live out that same child-like excitement with our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer®. Instead of a sugar rush, it can now be Coma Worthy Sleep® that will give you that extra pep in your step each day. Made with 260 GSM fluffy soft plush, this cozy Coma is on the lighter side. Providing you with a cozy comfort without overheating, you'll also find unbeatable comfort in the beyond soft Down Alternative fill and our silky smooth Bare Bottom® reverse material. And here you thought the joys of cotton candy were only for kids! Nonsense... you can now experience the same happy innocence with our Cotton Candy Coma Inducer®!

What’s thick, fluffy, and brown all over? Well, a lot of things come to mind, like Grizzly Bears or a huge chocolate cake. But the answer to this riddle is really our Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Root Beer! Even though this Twin comforter is made for Twin or Twin XL size beds, we still crafted this luxury bedding with our signature oversized comforter dimensions so you’ll have plenty of coziness to snuggle up with. And with a neutral brown color tone, this extra large Twin bedding is easy to match with any style of bedroom decor! You can even add optional matching pillow shams for a perfectly coordinated look and extra fluffiness spread out over every inch of your Twin or Twin XL mattress.

Of course, we also have to talk about how thick and fluffy this extra large Twin comforter is! Made with a thicker than average inner filling, this oversized Twin XL comforter is sure to exceed your expectations. And featuring a plush sherpa fabric on top, the fluff of this Twin extra large bedding simply cannot be overstated. But it isn’t all fluff and fuzz! With our buttery smooth Bare Bottom® luxury bedding material on the reverse side, you’ll get a touch of silky soothing softness to contrast the outrageous plus on top. Combining everything that makes Coma Inducer® designer bedding special, this oversized Twin XL bedding is sure to win your heart and help you reach new states of Coma Worthy Sleep®.

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Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Root Beer
Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Root Beer
Cotton Candy - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Comforter - Root Beer

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